• Just wondering what people on this site think or know about of CrossFit?  There seems to be a CrossFit craze going on in most big cities for the past year or more.  I obviously am more of a fan of true lifting and cardio (like the Body for Life program advocates), but was wondering if anyone else here had any thoughts on CrossFit as a workout regimine.

  • love it, it is  great challenge and a good mix day to day

  • Cleet, do you mix it in with BFL in some fashion?  Just wondering.

  • I will do one or two of my conditioning days as a Crossfit, but I pick a conditioning CrossFit workout if you know what I mean.

  • Do you mean you'll employ a CrossFit workout that is more cardiovascular conditioning based?

  • Ag12thman yes

  • Hey Cleet,

    I know nothing but if your the same guy that started a while ago welcome back. Where have you been?

  • I'm back it's good to mix it up

  • Hi cleet,

    I have been mixing it up for a while now too started doing a kettlebell class on saturdays and love it. Still chugging along when life doesn't get in the way.