How Fast Do You Run Your HIIT?

  • I know, I know, it's all about perceived effort and my five may be your ten.  I'm just curious how fast you run.

    I am in the second week of my challenge and my numbers are as follow:

    5=6.2 mph

    6= 6.5





    I usually crank it up each week (in past challenges) so that my 6 becomes my five, my seven becomes my 6, etc.

  • Wow those are some killer numbers!

    I generally tried to keep a 0.5-1.0mph spread between each level, and tried to increase it by .2mph every week. It worked pretty well.

    By the end of my Challenge, I was running 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 for my Levels 5 - 9 and 9.5 or 10mph for Level 10.

    Currently I do 4.0, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 with 10.0 for my Level 10 (largely because I worry about risking injury if I got above 10mph on the treadmill). I also keep my resistance at 1.0 so my legs are doing a little more work, it feels like running outside.

  • I swear I push myself and I see others running at higher mph's, but maybe I have a shorter stride.  My wife does say I have shorter legs than her and yet I'm 5 11 and she's like 5 7 lol.  I have gone faster, but find that my knees take a beating or my actual foot.  I also check my heart rates during the intervals and seem to be in the right spot for level of efforts for HIIT.


    6= 5





    I normally do about 4 weeks and switch up cardio with bike or incline on treadmill.

  • In my experience, there can be great variations among treadmills: one treadmill's 5 might be another treadmill's 4. I think your body is the most accurate gauge of how hard you're working. That being said, I am using the same #s as you, flatliner (at least to start). I'm used to running and average a 9-10 minute mile, so I may crank it up soon.

  • Very true on the variations on the treadmills.  Also, there are variations on individuals.  Don't push yourself to run someone else's numbers.  Remember, your 10 is your 10, and as long as you are hitting it, it really doesn't matter how fast anyone else is running.  Make sure you are pushing yourself beyond your limits and you will come out on top!!  And, remember it really doesn't matter how fast you are running, if your food isn't clean :)

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • 5 - 4.5

    6. - 5.5

    7. - 6.5 mph

    8  - 7.5 mph

    9  - 8

    10 - 8.5

    Then start again

  • I heard that walking at highest incline on the treadmill burns more fat than running is this true?

  • Haha my husbands just informed me our treadmill is in kmph haha

    So apart from feeling like an idiot I am also feeling reeeaaalllyyy unfit lol haha

  • I am doing: Level 6 - walk 4.0 mph, level 7 - 5 mph, level 8 - 5.5 mph, level 9 - 6.0+, level 10 - as fast as I can run!! I am only 5'3", 45 yrs old and in excellent cardio shape but right now, my muscles can't keep up...I am getting faster though!

    Any old timers on here that use the old Chris Cary music? It's music he created with voice over telling you "okay, level 6...". So it's all timed out for you and has him motivating you throughout. I LOVE IT. It's on an old MP3 player...I bought them in 2006. Not sure if he's around these boards anymore but he was a regular back in 06 when I did BFL.

    I also mix it up and for my 10 sometimes I hop off the TM and do high-knee running in place, burpees, etc. I also try to do cardio on the elliptical but don't get the same heart rate or intensity.

  • I'm kind of slow, especially compared to those of you who have just started a challenge and can already go up to 8mph!  I have been running for a few years now, but had been stuck at a somewhat slow pace (although it felt fast to me lol) up until I started my first BFL challenge.  Right now, this is what I'm doing:

    Level 6: 4.0

    Level 7: 5.5

    Level 8: 6.0

    Level 9: 6.5

    Level 10: 7.0

    I think I'll be able to kick it up a notch every other week at least, so by the time this challenge ends I'll be much faster on my 10s.  But really, just a year ago I had a hard time going any faster than 5.5 mph, so I am quite happy with where I am. :)