Workout on empty stomach??

  • I'll be starting my transformation in the next few weeks and wanted to gather as much info as possible before hand.  I plan on working out in the morning before work.  Is there any advantage to not eating before working out like this?  Is your body forced to burn fat as you power through the reps, etc?  Or, should have something in your stomach (at least for energy), before working out??

  • I think in the book Body For Life, Bill Phillips recommended that you not eat prior to your workout.

  • Morning is best for your workout, I know my Saturday morning cardio is often my best run of the week.  However that is the only time I can do it in the morning due to work commitments, on week days I don't eat for 3 hours prior to my workout.

    But make sure you DO eat though, if you skip that last meal before you workout, you just don't have the energy to do it.  

    Morning ones though, yup definitely do before breakfast, it feels great.

  • If your are trying to burn fat, i.e. you have a fairly high fat percentage and want to reduce it, then not eating before your workouts and doing then in the morning will accelerate your results.  For someone who is already lean, they will probably need to put calories in before their workout  to achieve peak performance.


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  • I found that doing cardio while fasting was great, but the weight workouts were a struggle. I wasn't building muscle very quickly, so about halfway through the Challenge I switched my weight workouts to doing them at night and would have a protein shake about 1 hours beforehand. This made a HUGE difference. I think it may actually be a smarter approach to do the cardio on an empty stomach for the fat burn, but to eat before doing weights to "Feed" your muscles. It may not work for you but it definitely made a difference for me in the final weeks of the Challenge, and my recovery time and soreness greatly decreased as a result too.

  • If your goal is fat burn, bill recommends in the book starting empty stomach.  I can only do that if it early morning.  Later in the morning by body gets pretty blah.  I also find it works better for me if it's the aerobic days.  On leg day, especially later inthe day , I just haven't got it.  

  • Thanks for all the replies.  I do need to lose much fat, but I'm also going to listen to my body.  I'm just not sure I'll have enough energy to power through the weight workouts on an empty stomach....we'll see.

  • Same as mwseahorse. I do cardio on empty to help accelerate the fat burn...but do not get a great strength workout on an empty stomach, so I do that one after breakfast. For cardio on empty, I do need a bite of a banana, otherwise I get nauseous if I really push the "10". Works great for me.