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  • So I'm in my first week but getting frustrated because I just can't seem to get the right weights for my sets just don't know how heavy I should start out with. Should I have enough weight where I struggle on the 12 rep or should I be able to hit 12 fairly easily. If someone can write what they did when they started out that would be great just trying not to get unmotivated and quit which I usually end up doing specially if my workouts are confusing me.

  • Your first set is to wake the muscle ,get it warmed up, and prepared for the next harder sets. So start with a weight that is about a 5 on the scale of 1-10. Each set from there you add weight  with the intent that the final set for each muscle you work is a 10. You will not reach a 10 often, maybe a 9-9.5 but your goal should be a 10. So the weights for that final set should be heavy enough that you start your reps and think to yourself "I don't think I can finish my 12 reps".  Your brain will always try talk you out of that hard of exertion! For example on biceps I know I can not lift heavier than 25 for my final 12 so my biceps workout looks like this

    Curl 10 for 12reps Rest

    Curl 15 for 10 reps Rest

    Curl 20 for 8 reps Rest

    Curl 25 for 12 reps

    Switch to hammer curls and do 12 more reps with 25. I may not finish all 12 reps but the most important thing is I reach muscle failure using good form.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Yep what V said.

    In the book Bill compares the physical exertion of your first set of 12 to that of climbing a flight of stairs.  I should be fairly easy and progressively get harder as your workout continues.

    I addressed this very thing in my first Body For Life podcast

    Hope you are doing great in your transformation


  • There is definitely some trial and error the first few weeks to get the proper weight loadings.  Don't get frustrated, always remember that although we strive for perfection, we're focusing on results.  If your muscles are exhausted when you're done with a given muscle group, then you are making progress.

    If you can't get through all the 6 sets (12/10/8/6//12/12)  for a given muscle group, then reduce the weight loadings for the next workout.  That is why we always plan the workout ahead of time.  If you then find out it was "too easy", increase the weight loadings.  After a few weeks, you'll have reached a comfort zone, and then it's time to "push-up".


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  • Not to hijack this thread but I did have a question.  I have always been a gym rat and just now am I really focusing on my diet.  Is there any hurt in lifting 4-5 days a week with cardio 3-4 days?  That is currently my plan of I have been doing for a few months...again my diet until last month was eh.

    I am soo used to lifting 4-5 days a week that this BFL regime is different.

    Thanks for the input.

    Merry Christmas.