Where To Start?

  • I'm new to the whole gym scene and im not entirely sure how to start the program.

    any help on where to start with workouts and especially nutrition would be great.


    also, if anyone's starting on the 16th, and would be interested in a buddy to keep everything going it would be great.


    thanks, Jack

  • Jack, have you read the book Body For Life? It gives you instruction for the whole program. How to work out, how to eat and how to reach your goals long term, It's hard to start blind folded. Have a great start once you feel prepared.


  • i didnt even realise there was a book, i'll look into that, thanks :)

  • you can even find used ones on Amazon.com or library may have one that you can rent. That way you can start understanding with the program is all about. Much success! I know you will do well.


  • Jack, I invite you to read on my thread some thoughts about getting started, going from personal experiences. The thread is called: "What it takes to do BFL...to all who need help". I hope you will get motivated by some of the threads. I love encouraging beginners like yourself.