Cardio the day after lower body workout.

  • My legs have generally been weak due to lack of exercise in the past.  I have been following BFL for two weeks now and the only part I dont quite understand is that the  day after my lower body workout my leg muscles have not yet recovered and I have to do cardio which I find difficult.

    While doing my cardio which involves my leg muscles (elliptical or bike) I find

    • my leg muscles have not yet recovered
    • I cannot achieve normal intensity levels
    • I am afraid of injury at times
    • or at the very least I am not achieving optimal results

  • What are you doing for cardio?  I found that if I hit the treadmill after my first week of lwoer body (and god was going up and down stairs painful for a while) it was ok, after about 5 minutes my muscles had warmed up enough that I could complete a decent session.  NO SLOPES! :)

  • I have those days as well, normally only happens when I have taken some time off, but after a few weeks it goes away.  In those situations my intensities are only as high as I can get.  I agree with cynical that after 5 minutes I seem to be fine.  Maybe do the bike as their is not asuch strain on knees for example.  Stay strong!

  • I've always found that the week 2/4/6 etc. part of the program is very taxing give the 2 LBWO's and 3 cardio's.  That's why you eventually get in very good shape, and burn the fat off your butt, thighs, etc. So, I Just Do It!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Something I have to constantly remind myself is that the cardio sessions should be just that: CARDIO. I do my cardio on a road bike inside my apartment (on a trainer) for cardio and while the triathlete in me wants to push hard for maximum "distance," the reality of it is you're trying to work your HEART, not your legs. Low resistance, high reps. Keep your machine on a low setting and focus on your heart rate. For me, it's somewhat discouraging to look down, out of breath, and see that I'm going a measley 14mph because this type of exercise is the polar opposite of athletic endurance training.

    Endurance training teaches you to conserve your energy for efficiency over 26, 56, or even 112 miles. BFL wants you to ride til you die in 20 minutes. You really have no choice but to push through and ignore your legs. This is where the mental strength comes in.

    Tomorrow is cardio after a lower body workout today, so I'm gonna need to practice what I preach.