Ab exercises for Rectus Diastasis

  • Are there any good/approved substitutions for rectus diastasis?  I had a baby  4 months ago and have recently discovered that my abs have a huge split in them and when I do perform any time of sit up/crunch it's much more sore than normal, not to mention I develop a bulge above my belly button.  I think this might be a hernia.  I see my PCM on the 29th, but in the meantime I was hoping/wondering if anyone else knew what to do for this while on the program.


  • Hmm, I'm not exactly sure so you might want to check with a doctor first, but I would suggest doing side planks (or regular planks possibly if they don't put too much pressure on your diastasis).  You might only be able to do the plank for a few seconds at first, but as your muscles get stronger you'll be able to hold it longer.  

    Maybe try sitting up straight in a chair, or even while walking around, and pulling in your transverse abdominis muscles in regular intervals.  I was just given that exercise by my physical therapist, but it is not for a diastasis - it just seems like it could be a good ab exercise that wouldn't exacerbate your condition.

    I'm sorry I don't have any more suggestions, but you might be able to find more information out there on youtube or just a general web search. :)  Good luck in finding some ab exercises that will work for you!

  • vickiege,

    To be safe, you should check with your doctor before performing any ab exercises with your condition. If you do have a hernia, you don't want to make it any worse!

    ~Tiffany, The BFL Team

  • Roger that!  I see him next week, done a little research and found something about using a towel to hold it together.  I don't know, but I'll stay away from abs until I know for sure. Thanks!!