Difficulty in keeping within the ascribed workout times

  • I'm on week3 of BFL and most of my workouts have been taking an hour or so. As I haven't worked out in years, I knew part of it would just be learning the exercises, and expected the first couple of weeks to take a little longer then it should while learning, but even now that I'm getting the exercises down, I'm still sitting at about an hour.  I noticed that the 1 minute breaks between rep sets alone eats up about half of the workout time.

    How are you guys staying withing the UBWO and LBWO times?  Should I shorten my 1 minute breaks between sets?


  • Is time an issue for you?  If not, don't worry about it taking longer.  My workouts always seemed to take longer than they "should" have, but I didn't mind.  If you feel you can rest for 30 seconds instead of 60 and still hit a 10 on that next lift, then go for it.  I say as long as you are paying attention to your form and lifting to hit your 10's you are doing fine!!!

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  • Thanks, that makes sense.  The time isn't an issue, just wanted to make sure it was OK to take a little longer then the ascribed time in the book.  Sometimes I'm slower because I want to get the maximum effect of each rep :)  

  • Don't worry about it, especially on the upper body workouts.  I did a thorough analysis of the times allotted, and soon realized it would be nearly impossible to return the dumbbells to the weight rack after each set of reps and get done in 46 min.  I typically take 53-56 minutes, and that's been true for >3.5 years!


    p.s. BDMOM - I checked out MFP, it is OK.

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  • Thanks Jacium, those times are about where I'm at, seeing about an hour for either UBWO or LBWO.