Modifying the 12-week weight training program?

  • I am just winding down my Week 1 of the BFL program, and I feel I did a pretty good job following the routine, although now that I've learned a bit more about what I'm doing, week 2 + will be even stronger!

    One thing I've noticed on the 12-week training program is that you end up with twice as many upper body workouts as apposed to lower body workouts, and three times as many aerobics sessions.

    The main areas I want to work are my stomach, buttocks, and thighs, I started at 280, am now at 275, but my goal is to get under 200 and reassess.   I was considering either replacing one of there aerobics sessions with another lower body workout, or changing the Monday to a lower body, Wednesday to upper body and Friday to lower body so I can focus more on the midrif areas.

    I started ridding my bike to work this week, five miles a day, so I get a good 20+ minute aerobics session twice a day M-F from that, plus I have been walking briskly 20+ minutes a day during my lunch. 

    Any thoughts on modifying the routine?


  • You will end up with the same number of upper and lower body workouts at the end of the 12 weeks.  Week 1 you do two upper and one lower, week 2 you do two lower and one upper.  then repeat.

  • Hey Brian, I think maybe you are not alternating weight days? The example happens to be for Week 1 when you do upper body on Monday and Friday. However, on even-numbered weeks (Week 2, 4, 6, etc) you would do lower body on Monday and Fridays and upper body on Wednesdays. This way you end up getting in the same number of workouts per muscle group as well as allow time for adequate rest and muscle recovery.

    Make sense?

    Congrats on the 5 pounds lost thus far! That is fantastic.

    A little advice regarding your midriff: One thing you'll learn here is that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. So don't put TOO much emphasis on that part; do the workouts as described but no more, and instead take care to follow the eating plan and keep an eye on your fat intake.

    If this is your first Challenge I would recommend following the routine as closely as you can. Overdoing it can definitely cause adverse affects that could potentially derail your progress: Tiring yourself out, not allowing your muscles to recover, carb crashing, etc. If you are riding your bike 5x a week don't make it a race; the B4L cardio will give you all the hard work you need in terms of cardio. It probably doesn't seem that way, but it will after a while.

    Good luck over the next 10 weeks!

  • You guys are totally right, I rechecked the 12-week training schedule and the weeks do alternate (that'll teach me to post before coffee :)

    Also I should've mentioned that I have substituted the biking 10x (twice daily) a week for my cardio, that plus my 20+ minute brisk walks during lunch should totally take care of the aerobics.

    Thanks again, I feel better about the lower body now that I see the weeks alternate.

    Here's to week2 :)

  • Cal1,  aerobics and BFL cardio are very different animals.  If you do the 20 minute HIIT cardio workout described in the book it is so strenuous and intense you will not believe it.  As soon as you feel "comfortable"  it's time to make it more intense again.  I read somewhere that "activities" are just that, activities.  They  should not be included as part of your "workout".  In order to get the fantastic results you are looking for, make sure your 20 minutes of intense cardio closely resembles what Bill Phillips is taking about.  Same with the weight training, always strive for those 10's in terms of intensity.

    I also agree and have a bit of experience with over working out.  Resist the temptation.  The plan works for everyone if you are really working the plan.  Abs are definitely a function of body fat and not necessarily workout time.  As you lose the fat, you will see definition!

    Good luck!!!!

  • I agree, the first time I did an HIT 20 minute workout the BFL way I was stunned,  It is much tougher than it sounds and really gives you a great workout.

  • I've been doing my 20+ minute walks the way they explain the HIT cardio in the book, the bike riding is just icing on the cake :)  

    I punched into the 260's last happy, yet so far to go....

  • Great job Cal1  - you will get there!  I have about 2 or 3 more challenges to go before I am ideal and BUFF!

  • Way to Cal1, Keep hitting those 10's in the HIT cardio!!