I did HIIT my way

  • So I know I should be doing everything by the book, but for cardio I run outside and have a hard time judging  the 6, 7, 8, 9 thing. However I have a gymboss interval timer and today ran intervals, 1 minute hard with 30 seconds recovery, and repeated for 20 minutes. I felt like it was a hard workout. Any thoughts on if this? Thanks. 

  • IMO, anytime you're doing intervals, as in your example, you're doing HIIT, which is the point of cardio to burn fat. If you're running hard for 1 min, then recovering for 30 sec, then going hard again, etc., that's HIIT. Just make sure you continue pushing yourself a little harder at least on a weekly basis and cont. pushing yourself so your body doesn't get use to what you're doing to it.

  • jacksonsoxfan-There's a special CD made specifically for HIIT by Chris Cary...I believe the site is audiotimekeeper.com or it may be audiotimekeepers.com (I got it wrong last time I posted it! so I wrote it down both ways this time!).

    Anyway, it takes you through the the different intervals with different levels of music; there is one for open road running/cardio and also for wt. training. Legs has it for her cardio and she loves it!

    Hope this helps! :)

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  • I had trouble working the 6-7-8-9 intervals while running outside as well. My outside running intervals are 60 seconds at about a 10 minute pace followed by 30 seconds of sprinting(9 or 10) then back to 60 seconds at about a 10 minute pace. My final minute I sprint for a full minute and follow that with a 10 minute pace until I get back to my house. It has been great for me so far because I know full speed and I know my 10 minute mile pace. This morning I went 2.8 miles in 25 minutes including the 2 minute warm up and a 5 minute cooldown. I am set a landmark that I want to reach each day and work to make that distance goal.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I like the music idea Deb, I think I'd like that. And thanks coach, I know my usual running pace too and can work with that. I also know the 2 mile mark on my route and try to increase my time each run. I have a 5K on June 6, near the end of my BFL challenge and one of my goals was to finish a minute faster than my last race. I haven't been doing any distance yet, but the HIIT should be good for my speedwork.  

  • JSF,

    I think HIIT will definitely help with your 5K. Keep up the good work!

  • I'm hoping me doing HIIT since December will help me with my first 5K on Saturday! Depending on how this one turns out, may be doing another one the beginning of June as well...Good luck jacksonsoxfan! :)

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  • This was a problem I encountered as well, I believe the general concensus is that as long as you get the highs and lows in at least a few intervals over 20 minutes it is doing the program, also with a warm up and cool down of moderate effort.

    --- Kitty