• I remembered a thread by the title "My Muscles Aren't Recovering" from some weeks ago although at the time I didn't open to read because I assumed I would get over soreness soon myself. I had to go look for it to see what others said at the time. But I am going into week 9 on Monday and there is no recovery as yet. I can't remember one week not being sore. Of course there were really bad weeks when you can't even bend to sit, its not like that bad every week, but why isn't soreness going away?  I know I get proper rest because I take an siesta like a good Islander after my morning workout and Protein Shake. I don't yet take all the other products such as Muscle Armor, Betagen and the other one suggested even though someone else says patience is the key, not so much in the products. But I think 8 weeks is a good amount of patience. I am starting to guess maybe my issue is too much change up and I need advice. Since week one I have been changing up my routines to constantly shock the muscles and I only have 4 more weeks to go now, changing my routines again on Monday. Every 2 weeks I have been changing Cardio Machines and every 4 weeks I have been changing Weight lifting program too. I love change, it makes me look forward to something new and not get bored. But... is this a bad thing? I am ALWAYS sore!  The left quad feels like it is knotted or something by now, it can't handle as many reps as the right quad. Deep tissue massage would do just about right now. Anyone else that is sore every week? In that case this is normal and nothing to worry about. Just makes me wonder how people finish work-out and go work in construction or anything very physical. Help with any input? 


  • Hi Soraya

    When you say you are sore, is it that you haven't recovered by the time you have to do the next workout? Or is it the soreness in general that find hard to handle? If its the former I would for the time being just do 1 upper body workout and 1 lower body workout  a weekand 4x 20 minute aerobic solution workouts, that way you are only hitting each body part every 7 days as oposed to every 5 days, heres an example

    Monday-Upper Body

    Tuesday-20 minute Aerobic Solution

    Wednesday-20 minute Aerobic Solution

    Thursday-Lower Body

    Friday-20 minute Aerobic Solution

    Saturday-20 minute Aerobic Solution

    Sunday-Rest day

    With the example above you still get the benefit of working out intensely 6 days a week and you give your muscles more recovery time, once the soreness eases you can go back to the original method

  • This could be a good program here, fightingfit2011. Weights 2x, Cardio 4x. This could give muscles more time to recuperate. What I meant is that I haven't read anywhere how often it is recommended to change up your weight program to shock the muscles, so, I have been changing them up very often. For weights every 4 weeks, for Cardio every 2 weeks and started thinking that this is probably why I am always so sore since week one because by the time the muscles start adapting, I am shocking them again. But maybe it is fine, nothing to worry about. But I like your suggestion!!