Types of Lifts

  • I have done the BFL several times now and seen pretty nice results.  I have always wondered though about what type of lifts I am doing.  On the website under the exercise area it give 6 different types of lifts to do for a body part on the upper body.  I have always rotated through them each time I lift.  I will start off with the flat bench and my high point is the incline bench.  The next time I will start with the incline bench and move to the dumbbell bench and so-forth.  Would I benifit more by picking two types of lifts and doing them for a month or so then changing?  On my lower body I really don't have this issue as there is a lift I can't do  on the each body part so I just change which one I start with first each time I lift.  Any input would be great.

  • You're best served with doing the same exercise routine for 4-6 weeks then you'll reap the benefits of a change up and attacking the muscle from different angles. Muscle needs consistent workload to adapt to the work  being done, if you keep changing then the won't grow via adaptation you'll only get so far since the body won't know what it's new "normal" is supposed to be.

  • Thanks Jim,

    One follow up question, Say I do bench on day one followed upby incline bench should I do the same on Day 5? Or should I start with inclien then move to bench on day 5.

  • If you are doing the BFL pyramid scheme I'd stick to the same exercise order - then after 4-weeks reverse the order if you'd like. That is what I did it was great because I could continue get stronger with the lifts and what I am doing now.

    I would though consider changing the types of exercises you are combining if you are going to do bench the 2nd exercise I would make flies the 2nd. This will keep your shoulder joints balanced with the workload and give you greater capacity later and help protect against injury - plus it is just a good practice. I hope that helps.

  • Reversing and changing the order are great tips, they provide what is known as "muscle confusion" which usually results in breaking any plateaus you encounter and making better gains, plus it makes it more interesting during workouts. Do be careful with shoulder workouts and don't overeach (no pun intended on that) and go up gradually on any and all weight levels while concentrating on good form first.