Alternate High Point Exercise

  • Hi, I need help understanding the target of the alternate exercise on the high point of each muscle group.

    Is the point to hit the exact same muscles or is it to hit the secondary muscle group as well as the same muscle you just exercised? Take Biceps, for instance: if I were to do Standing Dumbell Curls then reverse Barbell Curls for the alternate (working mostly my forearms with a little bicep work), is that ok? Or should I do, for instance, hammer curls because it hits the same muscle group? 

    Backs is another example: There are so many areas of the back (traps, lats, middle back, etc), so should we do a traps and middle back exercise and then a middle back and lats alternate?

    I hope I'm being clear!

  • Try and hit the same muscle group.  Since we are doing very few sets per body part we have to destroy them on the intensity!  Hitting that intensity level 10 is is truely a mind game.  As Bill said in his book, if he were standing by you would you have been able to do one more rep?  Most of the time my answer is probably.  Fighting through the pain is not fun.  The soreness the next two days says you pushed hard.