• My wife as joined my mission to be transformed body and mind!  She has been doing the program for 3 weeks now and has only lost 4-5 lbs.  I encourage her to keep the faith and push forward.  I know that she is eating and working out properly becasue we do this together. Does anyone have any adivse on what she could do different to help get her over this hump.  She is getting very discouraged and on the brink of quitting.  PLEASE HELP and God Bless!

  • i only know this because of all the wonderful people from GB.  women's results take longer to get started.  there is a portion of the book called the 8 week miracle-a must read.  also check out and click on the latest lady success document.  this is sure to help


  • Tell her to hang in there.  It takes woman longer than men.  5lbs in 3 weeks is not bad at all.  That's about 1-2 lbs per week which is healthy.  Plus she is building muscle and speeding her metabolism.  This all takes time.  Has she taken measurements?  My advise is to put the scale away.  Don't get on it again until week 8 and give the program time to start working.

  • I am with HeatherC on this.  Put the scale away!!  I am in my 4th week and have noticed several changes in my body.  I have a better attitude, cloaths fit better, feet are hurting less and improved energy.  I put the scale away in my husbands closet after the first week because it and I do not have a good relationship.  If the numbers are good I feel I can eat more, If the numbers are bad I say "whats the use, I will always be this way".  Tell her to hang in there I know you guys can do this.  jill

  • Scales are pure evil!  

  • She better not quit!  Tell her to GET OFF THE SCALE and use a tape measure.  Tell her to stop worrying about the scale.  The scale is not your friend.   Take photos every few weeks to "see" what's going on.  This is a 12 week program and it takes time along the way to see the great results.  She doesn't need to do anything but stay focused on her goal.  This is not a quick fix weight loss, diet type of thing.  This is a for life thing and she's on track.  Have her read the Ladies Success Journal (  She will read stories of ladies who were right where she is today.  Tell her to BELIEVE the little things she's feeling because although she can't see it on the scale I'd be willing to bet she's feeling something positive happening.  This thing works from the inside out.  DO NOT QUIT!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Ninja - you''ve got great advice here and when you get a chance to read more of the forums there is lots of inspirational stories and triumphs.   (Paper Towel Theory, The newbie check list, the book, people's support etct. etc)

    So here is just a quick's about a mentality shift.  Have her replace the idea of I'm gonna quit, I can't do this

    to read......

    "No matter what happens I am going to see this through.  I will follow the program, have faith that other's before me have walked this path with their own personal success.   I WILL FINISH this 12 week program, see it through and I WILL SUCCEED.    No Matter what

    NO Matter What


    Marqui D. C1W8D51