Shin Splints - Cardio substitute

  • Hi,

    I am on week three of BFL. I think I have shin splints and the experts recommend resting it. Is there something other than running that I can do to get my cardio in and not aggrevate it?


  • Hi Ben,

    I would imagine you don't want to do anything where your shins are POUNDING against something.

    Hence jogging/skipping etc are probably gonna be "off the menu" for you for a while.

    I would recommend cycling/using a stationary bike, possibly a rowing machine would be a good option, or swimming while you recover from your problem.

  • dittos on the bike or rower. Actually the rower will give you a better cardio workout than running. It uses more muscles and burns more calories than just about any form of exercise

  • Just wondering what shoes you are wearing.  I had the same problem when I started BFL and ended up going to a running shoe where they custom fit me for running shoes as well as insoles.  It made all the difference in the world; it may be worth checking into.  I love spinning as well; it's a great HIIT workout.

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