Heart rate and strength training

  • Hi All,

    I find that I don't sweat much or get my heart rate up very much doing my strength training routine. I often leave after an upper body work out wondering if I have done much. I know strength is not cardio, but I'm just wondering if I am shorting myself somehow or doing it wrong. I don't feel like I'm not trying enough, as sometimes I can't even finish my planned reps at the weight I'm using.  Should I do a little cardio before strength training to get the heart beating? Thanks. 

  • Prajna, it's not necessary to sweat or raise your heart rate to get benefit from resistance training, particularly from an upper body workout. It seems that there is a common misconception that you must to endless aerobics to get fit and lose fat.  Weight training will help you built and retain metabolically active muscle that will burn calories 24 hours a day. Cardio can't do that. This program provides a good mix of both. stick to it and you will make great progress

  • I agree with diverdog.

    And remember Prajna that the Strength Training sessions are just that, for building muscle. Building muscle does not necessarily equal having a very high heart rate or sweating a lot.

    I'd imagine that you would be breathing much harder on your level 9 & 10 intensity sets though - I do anyway.

    It sounds to me like you are doing the right things. Just continue to focus on muscle building in your weights sessions, and leave the sweating and raising your heart rate for your 20 minute cardio sessions (that is the focus in those sessions ;-) ).    

  • Hi,

    Thanks to both of you. You've essentially said what I reasoned myself, but it is good to hear I'm on the right track. Just finished week 9!