Do I have to sweat bullets?

  • Today is only day two for me on BFL and I am hoping I can keep it up.  I did my upper body workout today.  This first workout will probably be a little different since I am trying to figure out what my weights should be. 


    *I didn't break a huge sweat while doing upper body this morning but my arms were shaking at the end today.  I don't know if I worked as hard as I possible could but I was feeling some stress in my back for some reason and didn't want to hurt myself either

    *I didn't up my weight every time I went to another set of reps.  Like I stayed on 15 pounds for all of the reps except one set and then went back down.  I think I am a little weak lol.  But the reps got harder every set even with same weight because I was tiring them out I suppose?

    *Random question-how many eggs is a protein? Eggs/egg whites etc.  Ok to have protein mix with milk to make protein and carb?

    Thanks :)

  • No pain, no gain. Sweating is good for you. Sweat out all dem toxins :D

  • watts:  You do not have to sweat to get a great workout.  I workout hard everytime I lift, but I rarely break a sweat.  Some people just tend to sweat more.  Also, when working uppper body, they are not your biggest muscles, so you may not break a sweat.  I do sweat some when doing lower body and lots when doing cardio.  Sweating is not a sign of how hard you worked out.  If you are feeling DOMS a day or two following and you are advancing in weights over time, then use that as an indicator.

    I looked at your profile, and am not sure if you are male/female.  For eggs, whether you do eggs or egg whites or a combo of both, most women aim for about 20 grams per meal, and men closer to 25.  I don't know your stats, so can't give you more specific than that.  Yes, protein mix with milk would be a good combo.  You can add some additional fruit if you'd like, but don't have to, especially after a workout or later in the evening.

    Good luck to you!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks BDMom.  Your profile is awesome!  I am only on my third day and I am pretty beat.  Two cardi sessions and one upper body.  Today on my cardio I couldn't push as hard as I didn't the first time, don't know exactly why :(  Kind of dissapointing but my body is sore so i guess I will take that as progress.

    My waist was at 33" a couple weeks ago and after some terrible weeks of food it is up to 34" and that is totally freaking me out.  I know it shouldn't matter that much but weight and food are a huge thing for me.  Once I hit a new low I don't ever want to go back up.  Waiting for 33" again.

    Thanks again!

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  • wattssa:  How is the challenge going?  Are you still pushing through?  Are you hitting your 10's, drinking lots of water, and eating clean??  Don't weigh or measure too often.  Wait at least a month for measurements, and try to only weigh once a week, before your free day (if you are taking one).

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"