Is This The End To My Chance As Champion?

  • I'm 46 years old, and after 5 weeks I'm having great results to a point where I could possibly challenge as champion. I have lost probably about 10 lbs total with mostly fat loss and muscle gain. I was in the gym yesterday doing some bench pressing. As I was bringing the weights up, I felt my shoulder pop. I continued to finish the rep. I knew something was not right. I stood up and tried rotating my shoulder. I could hear popping in my shoulder. I was not able to finish my workout. My shoulder is very sore, feels like a really bad charlie horse. I feel soreness and popping mostly when I lift it over my head. What do I need to do to get back to lifting? I've posted some pictures of my results after 4 weeks.

  • Go see a doctor, Harleyridin... I hope you didn't tear a muscle because muscle takes so long to heal. I went through that once. But I don't remember hearing a pop. I had to go to therapy for some time to deal with the pain and therapy in itself will have weights and some light things to help the shoulder stay functionable. But hopefully you won't need to go to therapy. I wonder if you can continue doing at least lower body and some cardio that doesnt affect the shoulder. But don't stress the shoulder right now, it could get worse. Massage might help too? Or chiropractic? I did all those and not sure which one helped the most. But I am good now. Just can't do too much weight when training shoulder.


  • Found out I tore a tenden or cartilage in the rotary cuff. It will take a couple weeks before I can get back to complete upper body. It's already feeling better. I didn't miss any workouts. However, I'll have to limit my upper body to triceps and biceps for a week or two then ease back into shoulders, chest and back. Had to find this out through other people and websites. I'm back on track and I'll finish these next 7 weeks strong. Thanks for virtually no help everyone.

  • Be Careful Dude... 7 years ago I had to stop playing catch with my son, stop lifting anything over my head, and pretty much cut out much activity that involved my shoulders because of tiny tears in my Rotator Cuffs (yes... both)... Ortho said it was probably poor genetics as I was also experiencing premature aging in my knees & back. Now after speaking to PLENTY physical therapists and fitness experts, I realize NOTHING should be lifted beyond my shoulders and when performing bench press, the bar should be slightly below the nipples with my elbows at a 45° angle in relation to my side and never dip the bar low enough that it touches your chest... Form Is Everything!!!  

    Also... I would suggest (IMHO) that you move to cables or resistance bands while you let those ligaments heal. I've had to receive cortisone shots in my shoulders... and that $H!T aint no fun...!!!

    On another note, there are a series of tendons & ligaments that criss/cross  each other in the shoulder... they can sometimes become inflamed and form a cyst (another one of my fine experiences)... when they are inflamed, the tension of crossing one another can sometimes be experienced as a POP and cause pain... In reality... IT IS ALL A WARNING... Take it easy, slow down a little, and work on maintaining your body.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for the good advise Chris. I have already talked with other people about how to get back on track and the bands were one of my options. The second is doing my benching and shoulders with dumbells rather than barbells. I have read shoulder injuries are more common with barbells. I will need to start light, about 10 lbs and slowly work my way up again. It's been a week now, the soreness and popping are almost gone. I'll give it another week and try some lightweight dumbells. I quit going to the gym 10 years ago to save money and get the wife through college. In the gym I have always pushed myself to the limit with much more weight and never had an injury. At 46 I still have that pushing to the limit mentality but  I'm not as young and durable as I was 10 years ago. I found this out the hard way. I am confident though I can rebound fairly quickly and get back to form. Thanks again.

  • Not sure Harleyridin, if you did read my comment when you first posted. Sorry not too many people were able to help with advice. Maybe other´s didn´t go through this. Just like the excact thing I mentioned. A tear. I will mention again, those take longer to heal then you would like to hear. I haven´t lifted over head well over 2 years after that due to fear it would get damaged again. But now I do shoulders again, but real light because I can still to this day feel tension although no pain anymore. Like LewisFamily said, be careful.


  • As soon as you described it I immediately thought AC strain.  I do this all the time it seems, at least once or twice per challenge.  Regardless of the injury, make sure you rest, ice, and then move slowly back into your exercises.  I always laughed when my doctor would tell me to do nothing with weights but a physical therapist has you lift weights to rehab, ironic huh?

  • Haryleyman - a couple years ago - the grand champion, a female - was out of work outs for a couple weeks, her daughter was in the hospital. But it was her clean eating that helped her get through and make it to the finish. I say - keep eating clean and let your shoulder rest. Good luck to you - hope you make it as a champion!!