Best back exercises with free weights

  • My wife and I have just started the 12 week program.  We set up a gym with bench and free weights, but most of the back exercises in the BFL book are with machines.  Anybody know what would be the best back exercises with free weights (dumbell or barbells) and where could I find the best description so we're doing them correctly? Thanks,  John and Sandra

  • John and sandra

    I do most of my UBWO in home with my bench and dumbells...there are a lot of good exercises for the back with free weights

    Reverse flyes

    incline bench rows

    Pull ups - not really dumbells but a lat exercise

    bent over rows

    inverse grip bent over rows

    I could go on but to get a better idea of what I am talking about you should go onto youtube and search back exercises or any of the ones Ive listed and the video will pop up.  

    hope this helps

    good luck with the program make every exercise count


  • Brian,

    Great info.  I love the reverse grip bent over row.  Hadn't ever thought about a reverse fly.  Will try.

    There is a great website, where you can find all kinds of exercises with DBs.

    Good luck John and Sandra!

    Julie (in VA)

  • One-arm dumbbell rows.  Beginning form looks like triceps kickbacks, but the motion is like you're sawing something.  Let the back, and not the shoulders or tris, do all the work.

  • Hi!  I'm in week 4 of my 5th cycle (after a long break).  I killed my back this morning with dumbbell hammer bent over rows (and then standard dumbell rows).  Hold the weight as you if you were doing a hammer curl (biceps).  I really felt it in my mid/upper back.  Good luck!! :)


  • My favourite is the bent over barbell rows.  For them to work and really for most back exercises, you have to squeeze your back at the peak of the concentric part of the phase - this is really important to remember.