First time it was hard to go to the gym....

  • I suppose I am just venting, This morning I didnt want to get out of bed, I did my regular lower body workout , went through my regular work day (lifted an rv refrigerator a few times, and a few air conditioners)  then went to the climbing gym for three hours.    So as I was lying in bed I thought "note to self, you have to let yourself rest at some point"   I am only 31, but I still find myself thinking I am 21 but my body reminds me otherwise.  I still drug myself out of bed and got my workout accomplished.     Like I said, I am venting, Just frustrating to not be able to do everything all day anymore.    

  • Mykal,

    When I hit 30 my body fell apart.  I totally understand what you are saying, and yes, it sucks!!!

    I'm 34 now, ready to be 35 and I can honestly say that I am in better shape now than what I was a few years ago at 31, it gets easier, just keep going, keep waking up early!!


  • Mykal,  It tends to get tougher when you get older if you don't start like you are now and continue on with your efforts no matter how tough it gets.  Hang in there.  I was in great shape in my 30's but let it slide and I am just lately, these past 3 years getting serious again but am sad about all the in between years I wasted by not being consistant. So Keep Moving Forward my fellow BFL Challenger and don't give up the ship no matter what the sailing ahead! (PS I am now 54 years young this year). WPBILL

  • Thanks guys, I am gonna keep at it hard, I had a great upper body workout today, wrecked it at the gym!  You guys keep pushin it !