• So its been exactly one week since I joined the gym. Everyday I've been hitting my goal of burning 1000 calories. I've only missed one day (Not including my "off" day)

    I realize that I now have to start changing the way I think. Why? Well, for example, last week after only 3 days of working out for some reason I weighed myself and expected to lose 20 pounds! That wasn't realistic, I know but I don't know why I was expecting that.

    Its a process, I know it takes time to see change and I have to persevere and not get myself down… I really cannot wait! It will be a great motivator. Just wanted to get it off my chest.

  • What are you doing that your burning 1000 calories a session?

    If its weights, how are you measuring how many calories your burning?

    (i'm just curious)

    Also, how much are you taking in, if your burning 1000?

    Dont burn way over your intake, cause you wont be able to maintain that.

  • Wow, congrats

  • Vintage: Good job on killin it in the gym but yeah Im also happy to see that you know results will come with consistency and time.  To also reiterate d3ft03ns mentioned if you are burning through that  many calories keep your food intake in balance as well keep the balance. Just take it a day at a time eat clean train DIRTY and results will come!