Training Logs

  • Hello all!  What ideas do you have for the training logs?  The ones provided are pretty lengthy to use every day and I was wondering how others are keeping track of their workouts.  Do you carry a notebook to the gym, create your own spreadsheets?  One sheet per day seems like a lot of paper!!

      Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  • Hello azkellysue,  I used a standard Training Log for my first challenge that I got at a Barnes and Nobles store at the mall and it served quite well for many details.   For the last two BFL Challenges I got on line (E-bay site) for each challenge the Body fo Life SUccess Journal which seems to keep me more on track and intune with my progress than the prior one. They may still be floating around out there on various e type websites or in a local book store as well.  Hope this helps out, Keep Moving Forward!

  • I carry a hardback Moleskin, reporter style and I just write my stuff down in roughly the format of the guide given in the book.

  • azkellysue, every person does it differently I guess, you can see what ideas work best for you. I like the way it is working for me and this is what I did. I printed 3 copies of the cardio workout sheets (since you do cardio 3 times a week), 2 copies of Upper Body workout sheets (since one week you do upper body only once and the next week you do it twice and same with Lower body), 2 copies of the Lower Body workout sheet and then I made 6 copies of the daily meal plan tracking sheet for meal planning from Monday to Saturday - 6 days. THEN what I did was use those as a master, arrange the sheets like my week would go as follow: workout sheet followed by meal plan for the day for 6 days. (Upper Body, Meal Plan, Cardio, Meal Plan,  Lower Body, Meal Plan,  Cardio, Meal Plan, Upper Body, Meal Plan, Cardio, Meal plan - this is 6 days of work out and meal plans). And then I used that master and copied what I needed for that week DOUBLE SIDED, work out on the front meal plan on the back. I put them on a clip board and I have the whole week on a clip board. I take that clipboard with me to the gym, follow the work out plan, when I get home I turn the page over and follow the meal plan for the day. The next day I do the same all over again. I love it that I made all these double sided copies, enough for the whole 12 weeks. So each week I grab a new stack the way the workouts alternate for that week and I feel ready for the whole 12 week. Maybe my style is more complicated or too much work for you. But I love organizing and I feel very organized this way. I didn't know there was a journal out there like WPBill says. I would have loved to have one made already too, but had to figure something out on my own. But try and see what you like best.