Question regarding daily fitness assessment

  • Ok I don't have the BFL book YET, BUT I have access to the internet from my house and I am constantly referring to this site. I am confused as to how to PROPERLY work out via the daily fitness assessment. There are 6 categories for the upper body exercises and 5 for the lower body exercises. Within each category for the upper body there are 6 different workouts to choose from. What I did is chose one from each category and did my reps and went down to the next category and did my reps. But there are still 5 remaining exercises I would like to try. When do I try them? Because the assessment sheet also has a selection for a second exercise for each group, is this supposed to be my alternate exercise for the opposite week? I need help understanding this please.

  • I will honestly tell you i have never looked at the assessment sheet online, but I do have the book & I am currently in week 12 (yay) of challenge 2 & have loved every second of it & have had wonderful results

    You need the book to guide you & motivate you as well as this website...that being said let me tell you what i have done with my challenges

    There are TONS of different exercises/combinations per muscle group that you can perform not just what you may see here or in the book... what you want to do with BFL is pick 2 per muscle group performing your 5 sets of the 1st exercise and finishing with 1 set of 12 with the 2nd exercise


    MON  UBWO -- chest (2 exercises..dumbell press 5 sets, 12,10,8,6,12 reps...2nd exercise flyes 1 set, 12 reps)

                               same concept and so on for each upper body muscle group (triceps,back, biceps, shoulder,

                               taking about  a min rest inbetween each set)

    TUES;  HIIT 20 min cardio

    WEDS  LBWO-- quads (2 exercises..squats 12,10,8,6,12...leg press 1 set 12)

                               hams (2 exercises..laying hamstring curls, walking lunges)  

                               calves  same concept, abs, same concept

    I like to do the same workout for 4 weeks then totally switch it up with all new exercises, this shocks the muscles that quickly adapt to the same workout thats performed for too long & youll get that nice burn again (and you'll never get bored)

    I had to tweak my workouts a bit early on because of a shoulder issue but I still follow the 20 min HIIT cardio (4 times instead of 3) and the format of the weight lifting (i just added an addtional exercise per muscle group)

    That was REALLY wordy haha...but i hope it helped a little  :)

  • It helped allot. Now I know to pick 2 exercises from each of the UBWO categories, not one. Now my Cardio consists of this, I've tweaked it a little:  I jog for 2 mins for warm up then I start running till I'm sprinting and I Sprint for 1 min then jog for 1 min then sprint for 2 mins then jog for 1 min. I do this for 20 mins and at 22 mins I'm walking briskly for cool down.  Mind you I haven't ran in 7 years (since I school when I put down 5:30 mile times) so this presents a serious challenge for me.