? for women - calories burned

  • Do you know how many calories you burn during your lower and upper body workout? How about your cardio?


  • Karate Gal-I used the "Lose It" on my ipod touch and I could program workouts in there where it estimated my calories burned with the workouts...Strength training I put in as Moderate and it was about 272 calories; On my treadmill for HIIT, it says for the 20 minutes I burn 315 calories.

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  • I have no clue on weight lifting.  My elliptical tells me I burn right around 300 calories during 20 minute HIIT.

  • Karate Gal,

    I'd say that is directly related to your body size and fitness level.  I wear a polar heart rate monitor that tells me based on my stats what my workout calorie burns are.   When it comes to calorie burn, there's is no one size fits all.

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  • It all depends on how much you lift, the energy you put into it, how fast you go on your treadmil, at what incline you run at.... etc etc etc.

    My advice would be to not worry about HOW many calories you burn but  just that you are hitting your tens and burning them.

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