total gym

  • does anyone use the total gym at home for their workouts?

    i have one (for 2 years, never used it) i was wondering if i could use it to get a full workout on. any ideas or advice?

  • Oooo I would use it if I had it for some of the upper body stuff like pull downs you would have to check the total gym guide and see if it matches any of the body for life workouts....I hope someone posts who has the total gym....

  • I dont know too much about the total gym but I am assuming (since its called total) that you can do a variety of upper and lower body workouts on it.  Personally, I switch up my workouts every 4 weeks..some of the exercises are highlighted in the book but many are not (and my results have been fantastic)  but there are sooooo many other ones you can do for each body part..the combinations are endless...hope this helps a little bit