Officially Started Today 6/1/12 (Help!)

  • Ok so I officially started today... I have been going by the body for life exercise routine for almost 2 months now w/my boss however she had me doing things differently and Im not sure if it makes a difference or not?!?! Maybe some of you can answer this question for me... My boss had me going to the gym minimum 4 days a week. Now on those days usually mon-thur my boss would have me do upper body one day with cardio for 30-45 minutes with the weight training first because she says doing the weights first makes the cardio really work on your fat sores?! The next day we would do lower body weight training and the cardio... Now does it matter whether or not Im doing my weight training and cardio on the same day? Should I be following the guide that says otherwise? Plz HELP!!! I am very overweight 5'7" at 200lbs and Im 31 years old. I have never taken the time to try to get into shape and I just feel like nothing will work. I have had weight issues every since I had my 3rd child. Ive been doing the routine I named about for about 8 weeks and havent really lost any weight but have lost inches.. I am on a very lean/healthy diet as well. I have also been working w/a personal trainer at my gym and told her that I am following the body for life plan. She has recently told me that I need to slow my heart rate down when I am doing my cardio in order to burn fat instead of muscle?! She said my heart rate was too high at 170-180bpm and wants me to stay no higher than 160 bpm?!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated...  I dont know what I am doing! Thanks in advance... Sarah

  • Read the book again. Follow it step by step.Weights one day, cardio the next.This program sometimes makes a person feel they should be doing more, however, if you're doing it correctly, it is all you need for success.You do not want to be spending alot of time in the gym. It sounds like you have alot going on in your workout routine. Just stick with BFL and everything will fall into place.

  • First of all congratulations on getting to the gym and taking action! No matter what program you follow moving is better than not :) And congrats on the inches lost so far! keep up the good work.

    Cameo is right, the bfl book is great! If you choose to follow BFL I would do it by the book. I have done two bfl challenges and they transformed my life!

    But obviously BFL is not the only way.

    The "slower" cardio for fat burning is a myth but it doesn't sound like you are doing that. Your exercise heart rate does sound a little high. At 31 your MAX heart rate should be 189bpm (220-age = max hr) and if you haven't been exercising for awhile you should be aiming for 70% - 80% of that (132 - 151 bpm) If you are in that range I wouldn't consider that slower cardio! :) and in truth for weight loss it is better to do cardio first then weights - there is much debate about that though but that is my take. In the end, no matter what you do if the energy you burn is greater then the energy you take in you will lose fat. The important thing is to listen to your body and lose fat in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way.

    just my opinion

    all the best


  • Sarah,

    Congrats!  I agree with everyone.....BFL book is a must read.  I have finished my 1st challenge in May and it is a good plan, but not the only one.  If you read around on the forum, many people are adding more cardio, but it is usually on the cardio day.  You need to have your rest!  So, maybe you should do the HIT 20min cardio and then additional after this?!  I have read about some of the winners and many added more cardio steady state on there cardio days to reduce body fat.  Also, I have to say that wieght is not a great tool to base your success on.  I lost 12-13lbs in 12 weeks, but many inches and in the end I lost 14lbs of just fat which is HUGE.

    Also, I hit 170BPM on my cardio, but I only let it stay that high for just a little while (last 20-30 seconds) and then back down.

    Keep up the good work,


  • Sarah, if you need a further breakdown as to how the progam works I suggest you check out Hussman Fitness. This man really took this program and broke it down so that folks like you and I could understand the mechanics of how it all works. Give him and look and as always its best to stick to the advice of our great mentor and friend Bill Phillips who made all of this possible. Take care and train hard.