I started week #8 today!! GRRRRRREAT!!!

  • Hi Everybody:  Well week 8 is here and I feel very grateful to be here with it!!  I experienced some heavy emotional adversity in week 6 and 7 and it knocked me off course a bit.  Through it all I kept thinking about Bill's analogy of the rocket that starts going off course.  It takes more power to get it back on course- best to stay the course-(the best you can)-He's absolutely right!   I've been struggling for 2 weeks to get my eating pattern back on track.  I still emotionally eat when I'm experiencing emotional adversity. I'm learning to change this- but it's an old habit that is also a familiar habit for soothing / comforting myself.  At one time I'd be drunk over it!  Not any more -now I eat!!  Lesser of evils-but there's still a better way to handle adversity. As I'm transforming I am really starting to see how my mind can really affect my performance.  If my mind is focused and I am setting goals and following through -this positive mind set is contagious--it keeps me on track.  But there is something to be said for adversity-It's a pain in the ass-and it loves to deviate me from accomplishing my goals.

    My best weapon against Adversity is Perseverance-Believing In Myself - Claim it!!!  Wow!  Can I get a Whoot!!  Whoot!!  Best of Luck Everybody!!!

  • You've got the rIght mindset. Stick with it no matter what happens. you've shown you can handle the bumps in the road, the key to success! I'm always looking for fast results. I know if i stay the course, things will fall into place. You've made it  to week 8 which is a huge accomplishement. I'm going on week 5 and it seems so far off. I know it works, just have to do it. You are almost there. Keep it up.

  • Hi Cameo:  Thanks for your inspiring words.  This is a wonderful journey we're on.  We didn't get out of shape fast-it was a gradual process-so be patient with yourself-it's going to take time to return to health.  Do the doo's and each day will take care of itself.  Best of Luck on your journey!  Your Ontario Buddy.

  • Way to Annie50,  You are past the half way point of the hill and definately have the right attitude to finish with style. Best wishes and Keep on Moving Forward in your challenge.  I am starting Week 7 today and I am very motivated to finishing and reaching my goals this time around.  No matter what, like you are doing, I will do my best as I am sure you will too!!

  • Hi  : WPBill  Glad to hear from you-Keep up the great work on your journey!  We are transforming ourselves and it's an exciting journey.  Ooooh Ahhhhhhh!!!!!