I Am Finally Starting To Get My Workouts Completed In The Allotted Time-And I'm In Week 6?

  • Hi Everybody:  I was so proud today-Day # 40, to finally get my LBWO done in the allotted time.  For 6 weeks now I have always been 10-15 mins over the time suggested, and I wondered if it would be impeeding my progress.  I looked at this a a personal goal to get my workout done in the 42 mins.  I have always paid attention to the min. rest so the lagging had to be in my execution of each rep.  Today I picked up the speed during each rep and low and behold I made it in the required time.  I guess I was so intent on executing each rep, that I was taking too long.  I do however concentrate on the "pump". I am looking forward to my next UBWO-to see how I do!!  Anyone else know what I'm experiencing?  Comments Appreciated!  Have a Great Weekend!

  • Hi there,

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  • Hi Annie,

    That is good progress, well done!

    I too take ~60 minutes to complete my upper and lower body workouts (so ~15 mins more than Bill Phillips recommends).

    One "habit" I know I definitely have got is that I do each rep of each move for "2 seconds up, hold for one, 2 seconds down". This is at odds with the book, that recommends "one second up, hold for one, 2 seconds down".

    To be honest, I think my "habit" is a good one though - it feels like the right way for me.

    Doing my reps slower is definitely where my extra-long workout time is coming from, I am keen to avoid injury though. So for example, I am just not happy lowering a 110lb barbell in 1 second down to my chest, it just isn't my idea of SAFE. I'd much rather take an extra second, and lower it slower, more safely and under control, and so avoid injury.

    I guess the important point is that we are both doing the workouts in the first place though! :-)