• After my Amnesia incident - the doc said no workouts for a week.  I tried to stay with the 6 smalls - I know I missed some water.  Will this screw up my success?  I get to do my first workout tomorrow - it will be lower body. This should be week 10 and instead it's week 9 all over again.  I see hubby in 2 weeks. I'm nervous about the "last two weeks" of succss that everyone talks about.

    Do I just keep doing what I've done - and pick up where I left off?  I'm afraid to increase my weight too much because of the "lactic acid dump" that caused the TGA.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much,



  • You were very wise to stick with a clean meal plan even though you were not able to work out. You probably lost very little progress but just take up where you left off. Your muscles might be a little sore again and only you can tell how hard to push yourself according to how you feel. You might consider eliminating your last free day and stick  to a clean diet for your final 2 weeks knowing you and your hubby can go out for a nice dinner together when he arrives home.  All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thank you, Fit4life.  I think I'll do that. Easy to give up a free day for the best progress. Thanks again,


  • Hi Everybody:  Isn't this BFL Family wonderfully supporting!  I can't imagine what fortitude it must take to recover from an amesia accident-Props to you for continuing to keep moving forward! You Go Go Go!!!

  • Dee,

    I agree with fit4life too & I think that you should just start where you left off too.  I know it is difficult for me to give up my free day, but maybe you should just have one free meal and keep going.  Keep going forward & let the past be the past!