• Great advice, Annie 50 - I have read that response at least 3 times. I will make that my "mantra" - You are transforming yourself.  I haven't worked out since my amnesia incident.  But I have thrown away my scale.  And - I will be purchsaing new underwear a size smaller.  Thanks -

    AJ - keep on  - you can do it. It gets better.  I'm 68 - and am improving daily.


  • I'm right there with you. Its week 5 for me and I haven't lost a single pound. HOWEVER, I took pictures and there are significant changes already! I've decided to chuck the scale entirely (until day 84), I'm not even doing measurements until I'm done because There were 0 changes there after 5 weeks as well. Its obvious by my pictures that I am losing inches, just not in the 5 spots i measured yet :) (losing lots from by back and but!). Start tracking your calories, its really amazing how quickly things add up you may be eating way more than you think. I eat about 1600/day right now, before I started body for life I didn't feel like I ate a TON of food but when I compare how much I ate then to how much I eat now I was probably eating over 2400 calories/day!

    Most of my goals are fitness goals, like running a certain distance in my 20 minute session, or to be able to do 20 burpees, squat 100lbs etc.

    Stick with it! You are changing from the inside out!

  • Are you telling me that only 5% of the people who start finish? Holy Molly. Today is my 10th day. I couldn't do this for 10 days and then stop. I don't ever want to start all over... just keep going. In response to the woman who started this thread.... i lost 5 lbs the first 3 days, and have gained 2 back. We are so used to judging everything by our scales, it is hard not to be bummed by gaining. But boy do i feel good. I am stronger all over. And my knees were starting to hurt me, and now they feel 80% better than 10 days ago. That is like a miracle. I admit that i have an issue with portions. I can't judge without measuring and there aren't any guidelines to that.

    Hang in there. I am very excited.

  • AJ,

    Well, I lost 12lbs in 12 weeks, but I actually lost almost 14lbs of just FAT!  I can't say that I had the 8 week miracle, but I look better & feel better.  Keep it up!


  • Legs, i have a hard time with portions. It would be easy if i could just measure all my food. any suggestions? is meat ruffly 4 0z? fruit? a whole apple? whole orange? veggies? any amount? i don't get it? 14th day for me.

  • Just wanted to post and say that I am re-focused!  I ran a marathon yesterday and am ready to do more, I love eating great and feeling great!!  Thanks to all for the inspiration and all I can say is keep at it, it will be worth it I have to believe that. Now to heal and get back at it :)