• I am approaching the end of week 3 and see posts from people about how much they have lost etc.  I feel better but have not lost a pound, in fact I have gained 2!!  I see that most women see changes at week 8, I need some inspiration.  I am getting frustrated and wondering if this is for me.  Anyone else having or have had the same experience?  How do you cope and get through the next 9 weeks?  Is it worth it?

  • Hey peanut.... dont stress....Some people do gain...I KNOW!! talk about frustrating!! but it happens to some. What is your weight today? Maybe I can help decide your portions.

  • AJ-

    I am holding steady on my wieght and I am days a way from finishing my 1st C1!!  I had a few other challenge finishers tell me to toss the scale.  In the last 2-3 weeks, I haven't weighed.  It is not the best measurement tool. I look & feel better in my clothes!  Did you take measurements?  So, I changed my mentality - size 6 is a size 6 even if I stay current weight!  I am with Legs - don't stress & look at your proportions & make sure you following the BFL book.  I read that you are single mommy & yep your busy...make sure 6 times a day and water...water....

    Have a fitness goal?  Stronger or faster ... more energy?  Focus on those!


  • Aw Tonja - I gotta love ya from the get go.....

    I have been here forever... and you are SO right on so many levels.

    YOU will be a WINNER. An ATHLETE. ELITE. The 5% that actually go through with a challenge.

    ANYWHO ...

  • Legs,

    Thanks!  Also, you are one of my inspirations - GREAT job!  Plan on sticking with the program for the long haul!

    Have a good weekend,


  • legs, I currently am 157.  I work hard in the weight room and eat ok.  I stick to the plan about 80% of the time and am working on that.  I just really want this to work well!  Thanks for all of the inspiring words.  I am NOT giving up, just need some inspiration.

  • One more thing Legs, I checked out your profile...INSPIRING!!!  Wow!  your body shape looks similar to mine in your before picture so that was very inspiring.  Any help with food would be wonderful, that is where I struggle the most.  The other area I am still working on is 10's during Lower body workouts.

  • I was exactly where you are right now. My weight held steady til Week 2, then I gained 2 pounds in Week 3 as well! Now I'm wrapping up Week 10 and am down from 161 to 154 and am steadily losing 1-2 pounds a week. Around Week 5 I turned a corner and that is when the scale weight began to fall.

    There are a lot of factors that play into initial weight loss, if it happens. For some folks it's water weight. For some it's fat. For others... I don't know. Every body is literally different and will respond to the first few weeks differently. I tried to focus on the internal changes the first few weeks (strength, confidence, etc) and am now working hard on the exterior in the last weeks.

    I think it's always best to go by clothing fit, measurements (the sewing tape I bought at Wal-Mart has been a great motivator!), and progress photographs.

    Don't lose heart! Keep tracking your food, working hard and seeing as you go along if there is anywhere you can improve upon your eating habits, workouts etc.

    Good luck!

  • I can completely relate to you ! This is my 3rd challenge and the first two I lost a pound a week and this time around it is just not coming fact I have gained ! I am trying to focus on the muscle I see and ignore the scales. It is hard I agree !

  • Thanks runner girl it helps to know we are not alone!

  • Also tonja, yes I took measurements and pics.  I just need to be patient. Thanks for you're inspiring words.

  • Hello:  I hear your frustration in your blog--don't lose heart you are transforming yourself.  There are definite things that play into peoples progress like age and genetics, but I think you mentioned your diet is O.K.  Could you do better there?  I think one of the things that is probably the most frustrating is comparing ourselves to others progress. Some people are using supplements and others like myself are not.  I'm 50 and almost in menopause-totally different stages of life cycles.  What are your goals? How are your clothes feeling?  Tuck the scale away. I started out at 185 lbs. 3 weeks later I lost 9 lbs. At the 6 week mark I was so excited to jump on the scale-my clothes were looser, my muffin top is disappearing and I'm feeling great-my measurements were also down-but what a surprise to know that I only lost 1 pound in 3 weeks.  I surely felt like I had lost more-but I am gaining muscle.  Patience is the key.  My goal for the 12 weeks is to lose 25lbs. of fat.  I am on week 6 and I do my doo's and hope for the best. I hope you keep looking forward you deserve all that you want in life!!  Your Ontario Buddy

  • Thank you Annie50!  I love having cheerleaders that have the same experience.  I feel good and have really changed my diet this week and can tell.  I think that was the missing link.  I needed some tweeks there :)

  • Thank you so much for this!  I'm also getting frustrated by lack of weight loss (only 2 kg - 4.4lbs so far & I'm at week 3 1/2).  I'm going to hang in here and look forward to somewhere beyond week 5.  Yes, clothes are starting to fit better, but I'd like  more progress on the scale.

  • Hi Again:  I think we would all like more progress on the scale-Ha!  You know what my best cheerleader is-  The way my ass is fitting better into my underwear-We have to laugh!