Pulled Hamstring - now what?

  • I did upper body today, which means lower body 2 days ago and yesterday HIIT on the elliptical, and today, only after dinner, my hamstring is so tight I cannot straigten my leg and it is quite sore.  Should I ice it?

    Tomorrow is supposed to be HIIT and I am already limited because of Plantar Faciitis, so cannot run or walk at incline, and since I am planning a home workout, I was going to skip and jumping jacks as my workout.  Do you think I should still do HIIT tomorrow?  And then Sat. do I omit hamstrings, or just train one hamstring?

    Not sure what to do.  Was on such a  great roll....

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    (Day 17 of 1st Challenge)

  • Don't be discouraged.  Take care of your body, do what exercises you can without hurting yourself, and stay absolutely on-track with the food while you're healing.  I got sick in my third week and it was hard to get back on track, but I did (whew!).  It's easy to let a setback like this punch holes in your motivation and deflate the whole process, but remember, this is Body for LIFE, and in Life you have stuff like pulled hamstrings come up.  So stay motivated and don't fall off the wagon.  You can do it!

  • I think you can continue on, but will have to watch your movements and poundages until the hamstring fully recovers. I still am a big advocate of the ICE type of therapy that uses elevation, rest, and hot and cold type treatments to help out. ANd of course there's always the various saulves like Icy Hot or similar items to help out, unless you have a reaction to them. (test a small area, small amount first then proceed). It is always best not to push to far because that could further the damage but to gradually work back in once recovery is on the way. Best of wishes to you.  (I had a somewhat similary problem with wrist and shoulder sprains during my last challenge and still managed to finish with style).

  • I know how you feel i have injuried my hib from cardio and now i have to rest my hip but still able to do weight training but getting frustrated that i cant not do cardio.

    I was thinking about doing weights training also in my cardio sessions but might over do the weight training. There is also the posibility of doing ab work instead.

    Well good luck with the injury lets bith not over do it and cause furtehr issues.

    Jonny V

  • Shell-

    We have the same problems!  I have plantar as well and I have tight hamstrings too.  Today, I finished my challenge (Day84).  I would keep going & work on getting those hamstrings loosened and the only way I know is to warm them up & stretch.  If you are at the gym ask some of the fitness personal for help.  I had to do a little adjustment on my LBWO, but it has been worth it.  I do squats & walking lunges and watched my weights not to hurt myself.  After all workouts, I stretch both my calves & hamstrings.  I never put ice or heat on it - try it see if it helps.  I wish you the best....