BFL and marathon training

  • This is a 2 part question for anyone who can help me out.  I am going to start training for a marathon after my 10th week and I would like to keep eating BFL.  Obviously I am going to have to eat more than what I am currently eating (around 1400 kcal) does anyone know how I should balance out the portions? would it be better to eat 2x carbs or protein or both? my second question is, is doing my UBWO once a week enough for maintanence or will I be losing strength with marathon training?

  • We are all pretty much giving our opinion on what to do on here.  I don't know how to answer this question but you can contact the fitness advisors at 1-800-297-9776, 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday EST.  They are always very helpful.

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  • I trained for the half marathon last year and now I am training for the full this year. I still try to eat 5-6 meals a day but you might want to up the carbs a little before your long runs. If you haven't already check out runners world's website as they have alot of info on there. Also right now since I am training for the full I do 2-3 full body workouts a week. I did lose some strength and muscle tone when I was training for the half marathon last year. Good luck with your training!

  • Sharon

    I called EAS but they are not authorized to give me advice on marathon training they pretty much have to stick to BFL which seems weird to me since they are a hotline for fitness information.  


    Ill have to check out that website.  so did you still eat 6 meals a day of the BFL foods or did you just eat foods higher in carbs.  when you say full body do you just mean that you work out all the muscle groups in one day?  I dont want to lose too much strength so Im thinking of doing resistance training twice a week and endurance train 4-5 with one being HIIT.  I did a marathon a few years ago and only endurance trained 4 days a week and had a pretty decent run, but I didnt do any resistance training or HIIT.  

  • Yeah I still try to eat 5-6 meals a day but I do eat more carbs before my long runs. I like to eat a ww english muffin with natural PB on it before my long runs. Yes I do all the muscle groups in the weight room twice a week. I am only doing cardio about 3-4 days a week right now. Which marathon are you doing? Good luck with your race! I still have awhile before mine :)

  • Im doing chicago in Oct.  So im not starting my training til mid June.  Im in week 5 of the challenge, but I have to start training after my 10th week.  Im just concerned about loosing the strength I have built in the last few months because of all the endurance training.