Lower Body Exercises with a Bad Knee, Not Hitting My 10s

  • I had a large blood clot just behind my knee last fall. It is finally gone and I started my first Challenge a few weeks ago, but it left a weird clicking in my knee when I do any exercises that involve bending (squats, lunges, extensions etc). It isn't painful, but feels weird and uncomfortable, so I'm trying to refrain from any exercises that cause the clicking until I can get in to see my Dr. about it. I know it isn't a torn ACL or Meniscus as I had an MRI last fall.

    My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative lower body exercises, mainly for quads or hamstrings? I found some, but they don't seem to be very effective as I just can't seem to hit my 9s or 10s.

    Thank you!

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  • Amy - as long as your back is fine, leg raises work well. I used them for knee rehab (torn meniscus), and if needed you can bump up the intensity with ankle weights.

    I found this site - www.knee-pain-explained.com/knee-strengthening-exercises.html - which has a few other quad exercises that don't require putting load on a bent knee. The "knee marching" one especially looks good, since you could rest a dumbbell just above the knee to bump up the intensity.

  • Awesome, thank you! I haven't seen that site or those exercises before, so that's great. I will definitely try some of these next week when I change-up my routines.

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    If it were easy, everyone would do it.

  • I can relate to a bad knee problem, but have found that through gradual and careful strengthing exercises, proper pre workout warm ups and ICE (hot cold therapy) after workouts that it has become less of a problem then it originally was.  I also take a sports related vitamin that features glucosamine.

  • Hi Amy,

    I was going through the same thing with my shoulder. I worked up to a using more weight gradually. I started with 3lb dumbbells, because I couldn't lift anything over my head. Now, I'm doing 15 lb dumbbells. The other muscle groups are so much further ahead of my shoulders, but I don't worry too much about that. Slow and steady wins the race.

    I checked out your blog. It's really nice. Love the recipes and articles. I didn't leave any comments. I just lurked.

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