Persevering through the flu!!

  • Hi Everyone:  This Ontario gal has the flu-(or something like it!)  The weather here has been fabulous 21 degrees, warm and alot of sunshine! Which inturn adds to feelings of well being!  Well come Saturday, the temperatures dropped and as of Tues. morning we have a blanket of snow on everything. I started feeling very tired and achy on Saturday.  I still went to the gym and did my cardio workout.  I sweated like a",beast" and I hit my 10!  I was feeling in need of comfort so I had my free day of eating on Saturday instead of my usual Sunday.  Eating was a comfort to me, and I just laid around and watched movies and slept alot!! I resumed proper eating and drinking on Sunday-yet I was gym free for this day--I slept all day long!  I was freezing, then boiling and I was very greatful for this free day from exercise.  Come Monday, I still wasn't feeling well but it was the beginning of week #4 for me so I pushed myself through my LBWO and I forced myself to hit my 10!!  Eating and drinking was challenging because I slept most of the day away-again-but I didn't cheat at all! I could have drank more water though!! Today is Tuesday, and it's now 4 days of feeling ill.  I forced myself again to get to the gym and my cardio was really challenging.  I literally held onto the treadmill and let the machine work me!  I still hit my 10! and I was jogging full force!  I'm sweating this flu out of my system!!!  I am writing you guys as my way to stay accountable to myself and to let you know I learned 2 very important things about myself during this time of un-wellness.1)  It's very easy to get knocked off a positive journey-whether it be illness or some other adversity-and sticking to the BFL plan has it's challenges but persevering through them creates inner strength! 2)  I realized how much I have used food as a comfort for me during my sickness but more so during my healing from my divorce.  I ate anything I wanted on Saturday and it was a comfort to me while I felt sick.  But while I was healing from my divorce I used food for comfort, companionship and self medication. Putting on the pounds was a way for me to stay insulated from hurt(by a man).  As I was comforting myself on Saturday I was also thinking about how hard I've worked these last 3 weeks, and how much improvements I have been making.  So I stopped the comfort eating and just went to bed-knowing Sunday I'd force myself back into the program (if necessary!)  I didn't have to!!  I love this feeling of strength and vitality that is blossoming out of me!!  I'll be damned to return to that 33 percent body fat woman that started back on April 9th.  I got out my goals and re-read them and I invisioned myself at 10 percent body fat-Wow!!  That's enough to keep me on track!!  Thanks for listening to me--staying accountable is everything to me. These are just--  Lessons I'm learning on this journey!! Tomorrow's a new day!!!

  • Hang in there Annie and Keep Moving Forward,   we all know that you have it within you to succeed!!!

  • Hi WPBill:  Thanks for the pep talk!  I'm feeling much better today and I hit my 10 in my UBWO.  My arms feel rubbery yet great!  I am so greatful for these blogs!  Have a great day!