How long weight training takes.

  • When I first started weight training I was not tracking exactly how long it took to do the workouts. I started to notice they were taking longer than the 42-46 minutes. I changed my routines so that I would not do anything one leg or one arm at a time, I thought that would take care of the problem. I tracked my time again today (day 24 of my challenge) and found that the workout took me 10 minutes longer than recommended.  Now I am not sure what to do because I don't want to miss out on a muscle group. 

  • Hello:  I am on day 18, and I still haven't made either the upperbody or lowerbody in the allotted time.  But I keep track of the min rest in between.  It is a goal I am striving for!  Good Luck!

  • At a gym it is hard to hit that time frame. Because of re-racking time and the time to get to each machine and setting it up for you. This all takes time. I have just completed my first challenge and I have never been done in that time frame. I am there sometimes an hour if I have to wait on a machine or two. I say don't worry about it so much. Just stay as close as you can but do not leave out or skimp on a routine.

    Good Luck!



  • It is tough to finish in the allotted time often, and sometimes because a particular weight or machine may be in use by another but all you can do is your best to keep things moving along.  Time over happens occasionally but you should always make finishing in the suggested time a goal worth striving for.