Gym Etiquette

  • Hi Everybody!  Today I am on day 18 and I'm loving it!  I did 5 sets of leg presses, then I planned to jump right in to do my last set of barbell squats. I didn't move as swiftly as I wanted-because I unloaded the leg press machine for etiquite purposes.  So I only hit a level 9 with my squat because it took me a min. or so to empty the leg press.  I wanted to empty it after I did my squats but I didn't want to be reprimanded infront of the others.  Any advice on how to handle this type of situation so I can hit my 10 and not look foolish or dis-respectful to the others ?  P.S.  I am in the gym by 6 a.m. so it's not as busy then but there's still enough people in there at this time. Thanks!

  • Hey Annie50

    Congrats on DAY 18 :)

    What I do in this situation is leave my water bottle, towel etc on or very near the machine until I am totally finished ..

    so, for example, (exactly your case) I do leg press first, leave my stuff there & move right into my finishing set (it doesnt take long so an extra minute someone MAY have to wait isnt horrible) then I go an re-rack my weights.  Then I will rest another minute and move to the next group of exercises.  I havent had a problem or issue yet so I am assuming (hoping) this is ok to do.   If i switch up my routine (which I do every 4 weeks) and my finishing set is leg extension across the gym, I'll quickly re-rack and just go into the finishing set of extensions..If you feel your only hitting a 9, up the weight a little bit and that 10 will surely be there.

    hope this helps and best of luck on your journey


  • I felt the same way this morning at the gym and did the same thing - restacked!  In the morning, I feel everyone is like me - in a hurry & on the way to work next.  I would look at this way - what would you want to the person your waiting on to do?  Reverse situation and to me that is your answer.

    Good luck & great question to ask the forum!  I am sure other challengers have been in the same situation.


  • Hi Everybody:  Thanks for your in-put.  I will try both suggestions--Leaving my towel and water bottle there for a min. or so shouldn't ruffle feathers.( But I will try this next LBWO as an experiment?)  Also I knew when I was squatting that I should have added more weight to hit that 10. It sure helps when others clarify things--Thanks!!  P.S.  I want legs that get noticed!! Wow!!!

  • I first look around and see if anyone is needing the machine. If not I too leave my stuff and do my other exercise and come back to re-rack. But when possible I bring the other exercise to me. Say, I will be doing lunges with kettlebells, I will first bring the kettlebells to the leg press machine do my leg presses then the lunges right there and then re-rack.

    So far it has not been an issue.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hello:  Yes it has-Thanks!!

  • Even with your best efforts, sometimes a inconsiderate person will jump in front of you.  I left my journal, bottle and towel at a seated leg calf machine yesterday and was clearly next when another individual jumped infront of me while I got a wipe down paper towel ready.  He did offer to let me work in (would have been the least he could do since he then realized he jumped in front of me) but I  politely said  no thanks,  I'll wait  (it was my last supplemental exercise of the cardio day) and I knew that the off and on working in would ruin the rythm needed for a pyramid effect.   It wasn't worth starting another problem at a gym where this happens all too often that supposedly has rules of  conduct on the floor.  I guess it just goes with this LA Fitness territory in Winter Park.