• Beginning my 7th week. Did LBWO this morning.  Felt good.  Scale says 15 pounds lost. Pants say - inches lost.  Mirror?  Meh...

    But I'm going to press on - I have about 6 weeks till I see my husband for the first time in over 6 months.  I am really hoping the talk about week 8 9 10 and 11 eing the magic weeks - will really prove to be magic.

    I haven't missed a workout.  Trying to ramp it up a bit. Wondering if there's anything else I can do. Any ideas from the veteran  from the BFL people?



  • Be sure not to rely totally on the scale as a gain in muscle weight may through that off, that is why body fat is a better measure than flat scale weight. Mirror usually don't lie but often we see only what we want in a mirror. clothing doesn't lie either and neither does the camera(unaltered of course NO photo shopping allowed on this one). The Omron device often found in many gyms and at GNC will also give a great ballpark total on BMI and Body fat based on various factors too!  Congrats on your great strides forward so far and hang in there for more!!

  • Thanks so much. Hanging in yesterday did cardio in the late afternoon.  Coming home from lunch, I pulled something.  I was parked. reached into my purse on the passenger seat, and felt a twinge. Now I have pain and tenfderness from collarbone to pectoral.  It even hurts when I take a deep breath. So weird.  Supposed to do upper body today. Wondering if I just ignore it - or work around it.

    Thanks so much,