• I am entering my 7th week. I still can't do lunges, or squats.  What can I do about exercising the glutes?  Also

    Do we use the muscle



  • Hi there!  An exercise I have done before is with the use of ankle weights.  Get on the floor on your hands and knees, draw you right knee up toward your chest and then extend your leg straight behind you, then draw your knee toward your chest again then push back and extend straight behind you again.  Following the sets and reps of BFL and then switch to the left side leg. Another one is to stand up straight, ankle weights again, and you can use a wall for balance if needed, then straight legged extend leg behind you as high as you can.   If you want a firm fanny, you have to work those glutes!  :)  Good luck!   Mosher

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  • Thank you, Mosher - I do have ankle weights.  I will try those out!