Day 3 Lower body exercise

  • Please give some suggestion. Is my stats are very low or good for start. Any comment, I will really appreciate.

    Barbell Squat
    33.1 lb x 12 reps
    44.1 lb x 10 reps
    55.1 lb x 8 reps
    66.1 lb x 6 reps
    44.1 lb x 12 rep

    Leg Press
    154.3 lb x 12 reps

    Dumbbell Lunges
    11 lb x 12 reps
    16.5 lb x 10 reps
    22 lb x 6 reps
    22 lb x 6 reps
    16.5 lb x 12 reps

    Lying Leg Curls
    22 lb x 12 reps

    Standing Barbell Calf Raise
    33.1 lb x 12 reps
    44.1 lb x 10 reps
    55.1 lb x 8 reps
    55.1 lb x 6 reps
    44.1 lb x 12 reps

    Crunch 12 reps 10 reps 8 reps 6 reps 12 reps

    Hanging Knee Raise
    12 reps

  • Hello:  This is your first Lower  body workout?  It looks good to me.In the book it mentions 4 particular exercises per body part. It also suggests keeping accurate records each day, so we can record our progress with each workout and to trouble shoot where necessary. It looks like you are off to a good start.  Just to mention the fitness instructor at my gym told me to get on the treadmill for about 6 mins. before working out.  It gets the blood moving faster to the muscles, which inturn gives a better pump when it's time to lift weights. Just thought you'd like to know!  I'm on day 11 and I love it!  My clothes are getting looser and I know it's working!!  Rock and Roll!!!

  • Hi-- it's me again.  I mentioned earlier that we get to choose from 4 particular exercises per body part-I forgot to mention we must coose 2 from these 4 exercises.Review your calves-you only did one exercise for that body part. An angled calf raise would balance it out and give you a heart shaped calf.  I just wanted to clarify things.  Good Pumping!!