If you miss a workout...

  • can you make it out the next day?  thanks

  • Can you make it up...is what I meant to type

  • bump.

  • If I miss a day, I usually piggy back my workout on the next day's regimen. For instance, it's Monday and I'm supposed to do LBWO. Tuesday is cardio day. If I miss Monday, I usually just start with cardio on Tuesday, then I'll do my LBWO, if time permits. If time doesn't permit, I try to squeeze in the most vital leg exercises (like squats) and call it a day.

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  • I go by the book, which says: "If you missed a workout, you missed it." I tried to double up once and got SO tired as a result of the intensity. It really made a negative impact on my week.

    The other thing you can do is say "Okay, today is my Free Day" and forsake your planned Free Day. This is something I have heard from Champions, and something I did this week when I missed two days in a row. It makes for a long stretch until your next Free Day, but ensures you get in all your workouts without doing two workouts in one day.