• Hi all. I am ending week 5.  I've made progress, but now I'm becoming concerned.  I can't do squats or lunges because of weak knees.  I have been increasing my leg press weights and leg curls, hoping that would help strengthen the knees. This severely limits my LBWO.  Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks so much,


  • Do you have access to weight machines?  As long as you're working the muscles and increasing weight, you'll continue to see results.  I have unstable knees too, it has to do with a muscular imbalance.  If you see a doctor, they might be able to tell you what kinds of exercises you can do to stabilize the joints.  But whatever you do, don't push your joints in ways that are not comfortable, you'll miss them when they're gone!

  • HI Ashplowe - some weight machines.  Just about to change gyms.  They have both leg extensions and leg press, as well as leg curl.  I'm hoping that helps.  The most I can do on leg press right now is 6 reps at 120.


  • I've had this same problem.  The first four or five weeks my knees were crackling and popping like crazy, and we're giving out during lunges and squats.  I got a brace which helped, but hat seeme do to the most good was taking an addicental break for four days.  I got a cold and couldnt run, and I left the lunges and squats out of my weight routine for about a week.  My knees are much much better now and don't creak so much, nor do they give out.  Also, be certain your form is correct with those lifts!

  • The machine suggestion is a good one to,  I have one bum knee from my time in the service and over time with a Gradual build up of free weights combined with use of machines like the leg extension one and the lying leg curl for example, I have definately stabilized my knee and now am able to do leg presses in the 415 range during my workouts and squats in the 295 plus range as well.  It did take a while but steady and sure wins the game and be sure to listen to what your body tries to tell you,. Those who don't often pay a price resulting in injury and time out .

  • I have weak knees due to a tracking issue and having been a runner for many years and ignoring the pain.  I haven't run for years now because I can't without them locking up and putting me in excruciating pain.  

    With the Challenge, my knees started hurting from using the leg extension machine and I was told by my doctor not to use it but find an alternate exercise - she said this is one of the worst exercises you can do for weak knees.  I learned that tendons take 3 times longer than muscle to get strong, so the word is, take it easy on the weights and build gradually.  Give the tendons time to catch up to the muscle.

    I just received these two items I ordered from footsmart.com:  Kneed-It Knee Brace and Chopat Dual Action Knee Strap.  I can't give you a review because I haven't been able to try them out yet, but I'm hoping they'll help me with the lunges, etc., because my knees definitely start talking to me when I try to do them!  

    Hope this helped.  

  • It truly does help. Thank so much.  I've been wondering if I was doing damage. Now I'll  workout a little smarter.