Does anyone have any good upperbody stretching exercises?

  • Hello:  I am on day 5 of BFL and I am enjoying it!  My first day was upperbody and I did a great workout yet I pulled something in my shoulder area while doing the bench press. I was very sore until yesterday.  I've been trying to find stretching exercises that I could do to loosen me up before todays workout(Upper again)  I did my first 5 sets of Incline DB presses and then I had planned to end with 12 reps of DB flyes, but after my first flye rep I stopped because I could feel a pain  in my shoulder that I knew would turn into an injury. So I changed my exercise to a Seated DB Press and completed the set of 12.  Any suggestions?  Thank You   Ontario ,Canada Buddy

  • Hi, one thing that I do is stretch out my chest and shoulders in doorways. Open a door, put your forearms on either side parallel with the door frame (straight up and down) so your arms are at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. Then, lean forward slowly. You should feel the stretching in your chest and shoulder muscles. To stretch my shoulder blades and back, I often put my feet shoulder width apart, bend over at the waist and touch the toe of the opposite foot (right hand to left foot). This will also stretch your hamstrings. I went to a massage therapist a while ago who said the key is to get areas that hurt to extend. So things like shoulder shrugs that actually shorten the muscle do not help. Just figure out ways to stretch out the area that is having pain.

    Good luck!

  • Thank You for the advice-I'll do it!  I'm now on week 2, and I feel pretty good! Onwards and Upwards!