• I thought I knew what I was doing with my workouts. Now after reading some posts, I'm not so sure. The only thing I've really got is alternating LBWO and UBWO. The BFL book says "Perform two exercises for each major muscle group ( Upper body that would be 5 muscle groups - equal 10 exercises?.

    Then it says select one exercise for each muscle group (that would be 5)  - and of course conduct the five sets..then the 12 reps diferent exercise for same muscle group.  Does that mean I am to exercise all five muscle groups every UBWO? The Book says keep it to 46 minutes max? Using the cadence "Body for Life - I'm building my body for life." it is impossible to do that in 46 minutes.

    My workouts have consisted of - for instance, two exercises for tri-ceps ( then the high point exercise)  and two exercises for biceps - then the high point.. Using the cadence, and the recommended rests - that puts me at 46 minutes.

    Wow -I am so confused.  Someone please help. I want to do the very best to get the best results I can. Thank you all so much.



  • Hi Dee,

    I was confused at first, in fact I don’t think I did my first 6 weeks right at all.  What I am doing now is that my UBWO has 5 different muscle groups.  I do 10 different exercises.  

    Example for triceps:

    I do the Triceps push down equipment for my set of 12, 10, 8, and 6 increasing the weight between each set then for my last 2 sets of 12 I go to the bench and grab a dumbbell and do a French press with a single dumbbell.  

    The BFL has a number of exercise options for each muscle group.  I was able to set up a workout with minimum walking between stations.  I am also doing the BFL challenge with my wife so I rest as she is doing her set and she rests when I do my sets.  It seems to work out that way.  We can typically get in and out of the gym on the UBWO in about 46 minutes and the LBWO is around 42 minutes.  

    Once you get comfortable with the weights you need, the equipment your using you will be able to get it all in.

  • OH my word...well - do you rest a full minute between sets? And so if you do ten exercises for your upper body - does that mean like 2 triceps, 2 biceps, 2 chest, 2 back,  and 2 shoulders? plus the highpoint exercise? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I really want to do this right.

  • Perform two exercises for each major muscle group of the upper body.

    Select one exercise and conduct five sets with it, starting with a set of 12 reps, then increasing the weight and doing 10 reps, adding more weight and doing 8 reps, adding more weight for 6 reps. Then reduce the weight and do 12 reps. Immediately perform another set of 12 reps for that muscle group using the second selected exercise.

    For each muscle group, rest for one minute between the first four sets. Then complete the final two sets with no rest in between, wait two minutes before moving on to your next muscle group, complete this pattern five times for the upper body training experience and four times for the lower body training experience

  • Wow.Dee, .I thought I was the only one confused.  I was doing too much in the beginning.  I guess we all just have to learn..I think I'm doing it right now.


  • Lany 02 - I feel like such a dufus...Do you rest one minute between each set (of the first four) - or do you rest one minute after you do 4 sets, then nothing between the last 12-rep and new exercise 12 rep? I guess I just wish the sentence structure was different. (yes, I'm a grammar geek)...


  • If you have the BFL book look at page 73.  It is a sample daily progress report for LBW all filled in.  This should help you see exactly what the plan calls for... hope this helps!  

  • Hi Dee,

    Yes, you should rest one minute between each set for the first 4 sets.


    12 rep

    1 min. rest

    10 rep

    one min. rest

    8 rep

    one min. rest

    6 rep

    one min. rest

    12 rep-no rest

    12 rep- new exercise

    rest 2 min.

    move to new muscle group exercise

  • That helps a lot, Lany02 - thank you.  Now I just have to figure how to do all of that (10- exercises and all those rests equalling 46 minutes.)  Oy!~


  • Hey Dee- It can be really confusing at the start, I applaud your coming forward to get help and clarification! I seem to do the actual rep in 30-40 seconds, then rest for 45-60seconds. That comes out to roughly 9 minutes for each of the 5 muscle groups in UB, so 45 minutes total. That is the beauty of BFL for me- I like getting in there and getting it done! It amazes me to this day that some folks just kinda hang out in the gym playing with their ipods...

    good luck!