first day.. cannot finnish whole workout

  • Ok, Im pretty upset with myself.  I am out of breath and I cannot do the entire sets, or entire list of muscle groups.. is there anything I can do to keep my stamina?

  • Depending on your level of fitness I would say, probably reduce the amount of weight. Your first workouts might be a sort of "set the bar" session for each muscle group and in all likelihood if you are pretty new to lifting, you probably won't hit your 10s. It may take a workout or two to get in the groove.

    Also, look at what time of day you're working out. If stamina is an issue maybe go in the afternoon or evening after you have spent the day eating, so that you have adequate energy, at least for the first couple of weeks.

    Hopefully that helps!

  • I think you may be doing too many muscle groups.  Do you have the book?  It delineates it well.  If you go to a thread on the forum called "67 and want to be sure about workouts" - or something like that - there is a a guy who explains the exercise with great simplicity.  HOpe this helps,


  • Xango, initial few week really tough. Please don't quit. After one or two week the pain will reduce. And you will able to do better. I started going to gym 2-3 week till now. And feeling better and interested go.

    In prep stage now, I am ready for the 9th April challenge.

    Say hi (gmail/skype): butu25

  • I've been doing it for a week and a half and this week it feels like my body just 'figured out' how to lift weights--it feels WAY easier this week than last week.  So keep practicing.  

    Also, I started out with weights that were too heavy, too.  The first set *seemed* like level five intensity, but then if I added any more weight it was too much.  So I started lighter, and on my weakest muscles I don't increase the weight between sets--my wimpy muscles still make the intensity increase.  I bet by next week I'll be able to do it, though.  Keep at it!

  • Hello Xango:  I would first ask-Have you read the book? All the exercises are laid out with careful understanding and illustrations, as are the daily work out sheets.  Then I would suggest you start with lower weights to get your form correct. Lifting light weights is a good way to feel the movements, and to get in tune with your body. This is a trasformation program both inner and outer-and we all have to start somewhere.. Stanima will come with proper nutition, workouts and adequate rest.  I'm rooting for you!! Ontario,Canada Buddy!

  • First of all, congratulations on deciding to take care of your health!   Way to go!  If this is the first time you've worked out in a while, it's pretty common to get winded early and feel like you can't do it.  I've finished 2 challenges and I remember I had to stop halfway through my first cardio session.  If I'd quit then, I never would have known how it felt to persevere.  Next time you work out, just make the goal to get farther than you got in your last workout.  Finish one more cardio interval, lift one more rep...pretty soon you'll be busting through all the routines as your strength and stamina increase and you'll feel so accomplished!  Don't focus on where you are, think of where you want to be, then make it happen!  

    Eyes on the prize!