Confused about the last two sets of weights during weight training

  • Hi, can someone please clear this up for me:

    I understand the half pyramid portion of the strength training, the last two sets I need someone to clarify the following:

    1. Regarding the last two sets of 12: Do you use a weight for the 5th set that is a level 7 effort ? I'm confused about the fact that it's a level 9 effort but you are reducing the how does it be a level 9 ? Similarly, for the last set of 12 when you move to a new exercise, do you pick a weight that is the highest weight you can lift for that exercise ?

    Thanks !

  • As I understand it, those last two sets are where the maximum benefit to the muscle occur, because the point of progressive resistance lifting is to get to the place where the muscle starts to fail from fatigue. When you lift the highest weight you can for 6 reps, you should be just about maxed out. Reducing the weight and doing 12 more should be just about all you can do(and still retain good form, of course). Immediately going to a different exercise for the same muscle insures that ALL the muscle fibers are exercised, as different exercises work different parts of the muscle. When I do those last two sets, I am shooting for a 10 in both because those last two sets I am getting tired, so even tho the weight is reduced, I am stil having to give max effort to make the 12 reps good and clean. Best of luck!

  • Hey Bobby, Thanks for responding. Do you usually use the same weight for the last 2 sets of 12 reps ?