I'm not sore... but working hard. What am I doing wrong?

  • I did lower body on Monday night.. it's wednesday and I have a mild soreness on my abs... that's it! nothing else.. I did squat, lunges etc. 

    About me, I'm 36, about 180 lbs, 5'3. Over the last year I have already been working with weights, but I was doing a cross training class 2-3 x's a week. but even those classes, sometimes I was sore. Now that I'm dedicating a whole day to upper body, or lower body, I would expect to be sore.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I know I should be sore and I'm not. I have lower body tomorrow, so I'm not sure what to do differently.

    PS - I did upper body today, I just raised the amount of weights, so I'm expecting to be sore tomorrow. but how can I "improve" a lunge, or a squat when I'm already dong weights...and honestly, if I do a higher weight it only works on my shoulders / back - or so it feels. 

  • Okay, I don't have an answer to this, but I am going through the same thing. I did lower body on Monday, and I am hardly sore at ALL. The first time I did the lower body workout I couldn't sit for 3 days! Today I did upper body, and usually by this time I am starting to feel it. Nothing. Maybe a little in my triceps. I KNOW I worked hard. What is up?

  • Hm....You may want to call the EAS 800 number.  They answer questions about the challenge - I'm guessing they could talk to you about your workout.  I have only done this for four weeks. I'm sore usually the 2nd day. I'm wondering if your form is corect (remember I don't know...I've only been reading and doing for 4 weeks.)  Are you carefully controlling your movements?  I read that this is important - slow and controlled.  I'm really answering by the seat of my pants - but I don't want you to feel neglected. (^_^)  Sharon

  • OK - just googled some things... I read in a couple of places - that a workout doesn't have to make you sore to be good.

    The other thing you might do is email Body For LIfe and ask the question.  Have a great day! Keep on! Sharon

  • Hey Lily

    I have just completed week 10 & my personal experience these past few months, I am usually sore after every workout,  not to the point of not being able to move but good ol' fashion muscle soreness that lingers for a day (usually 2)

    I also REALLY push myself as far as how heavy I can go (I am 41 yr old female btw lol) If that last rep of my 6 rep set isnt almost impossible to do, I know next time to increase a little bit. The final set of 12 for any muscle group has to burn (in my opinion)

     Also, I have changed my workout several times throughout the past 10 weeks of the challenge.  Weeks 1-4 I did leg press finishing with leg extensions, laying hamstring curls finishing with weighted lunges & standing calf raise machine finishing with seated calf raise.  

    Weeks 5-8 leg extensions finish with squat, seated hamstring curl finish with single leg standing curl, seated calf raise finish with angled calf raises.   etc etc etc

    I really think you get the most out of it by switching things up, and trust me , you will be sore because you are basically tricking your muscles and making them work harder and like Wisewoman said, watch your form with increasing the weight.  IF other body parts are "hurting" take a look at how your holding the weight, where  etc...I hope my input helps a little and Best of Luck to you..keep on keepin on !!!!!!


  • I have been working our for a long while now off and on, and I personally see results when I am sore the next day after a workout. When your sore it means your muscles are repairing what you orginally broke down/tore down in your workout previously before.

    I would gage your weight amount per set. You may to increase you weight amount. Are you able to do all reps 12/10/8/6 (with no problem) ?? For methe last few reps are usually very difficult for me to press on, but I keep a steady mindset to finsih the last few.

    I really believe you need to increase your weight amount. Keep us posted and fill us in on your progress and tweaks!

    Keep it up!


  • Just keep increasing weight, go to failure, you will hurt.  However, on squats that is a bad idea unless you are using a smith machine, so, maybe leg presses instead?

    Just keep going heavy.