Questions on sets of workouts, intensity and Circuit or just doing sets?

  • I accidentally post this in the getting started forum but heres the question:

    Ok, Now, here we are, to weight and cardio training. for doing the specific weight exercises, can you do a circuit round training? or does the body for life challenge recommends that we do sets in order? because i was thinking of doing one set, and then another workout, and do it as a circuit round, and just intensify that. What do you all think? what works better? whats recommended?

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  • Hi Xango,

    I would recommend that you follow the BFL instructions exactly. So if you're doing your Shoulder sets for example, you do all of them.

    Don't do one set of shoulder and then switch to Triceps, that isn't gonna cut it.

    I recommend you follow the exact directions in the book because it is PROVEN that that method produces fantastic results.

    Is the "circuit training" method going to get you into the best shape of your life? Well it might, you could try it, but if you want GUARANTEED results, just follow the instructions in the book as closely as you can.

    Good luck!

  • I just posted this in another thread but it answers your question as well.

    The best thing you can do is get the BFL book read it and follow it.

    BFL is truely masterfull in its blend of muscle gaining technique, cardio that does not cause muscle loss while surpassing a hard 30 min of cardio and eating foods without counting calories.

    BFL works so well because the type of weight training you will be doing burns more fat then you can count with calories, as you lift you will burn calories but after you workout BFL style your body will still be sucking up fat to make your muslces bigger. Bigger muscles burn more calores and so the effect begins to snowball and get better with each passing week you do it.

    The cardio as I mentioned does not eat muscle mass the way long hard cardios sessions will but it still burns a lot of fat because you can get your heart rate that much higher that much faster when doing intervals.

    Lastly the diet does not involve count calories. A free day, eating anything you want as much as you want once a week, will also help you lose weight as it tricks your body out of its nature to hold onto fat the more you lose it. Your body does this in case of famin. So not only do you eat what you want you lose more weight as you stuff yourself with pizza.

    The circuit training on the other hand deals with keeping your heart rate high while lifting weights and keeping that heart rate going because you keep changing muscle groups every 30 or so seconds. This method is not quite as good as the BFL method as it will not snow ball and get better for you the longer you stick with it and it will not burn fat after you stop working out. In addition you will need to eat less calories then you burn in a day.

    In short if you alter BFL you will get less out of it than if you just followed it.