Help with some exercises ...

  • This morning I did my first upper workout. I'm having a little trouble with the bent over dumbbell raisers. I have had lower back fusion and I'm not quit strong enough to do this exercise (& it slightly hurts). Can anyone suggest another way of doing this exercise? 

    I may have other exercises that I'll need help with. I thought I'd try in here and ask for some advice. I am doing BFL on my own. i have done it before when younger, however I did not have a back injury then. I love my weight training & I want to do BFL to lose weight, build muscle strength, feel better within myself.

    Feedback would b gr8. Thanks :)

  • YOu can exercise the same muscle group - and just use another exercise.  There are some in the BFL book. (^_^)

  • There have been times over the years that a particular exercise has been painful so I would simply stop doing it and find another exercise for the same body part. For example preacher curls were causing pain in my left elbow a few years back and I had to stop doing them for about 6 months. Instead I did alot of dumbell curls. Hope this helps. All the best!!

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  • Are you going to a gym as well or doing all at home?  If you're in the gym, you could use the wide grip pull downs, a low rowing machine or cables to pull for back exercises.  If you're not, you may want to use a lighter weight at first and do the pull-ups one handed, with your knee and other hand on the weight bench.  This will help keep the strain off of the area of the fusion.  Going light first and using the pain as an indicator will allow you to build up the muscles around the area without causing any damage or undue pressure to that area, which would slow your progress down.  Good luck!!