Exercise ?

  • Can I still do my exercise routine that I currently do or do I have to do the exercises in the book and on the challenge kit?  I do 40 minutes of cardio and 1 hour of free weights everyday.

  • Well, it depends...

    Do you want to continue with your program or do the Body-for-LIFE program?

    You can do whatever exercises you want as long as you do 2 for each muscle group according to the schedule and 20 minutes high intensity inteval cardio according to the schedule.

    --- Kitty


  • I want to do the BFL eating program but if possible stay with my exercise program.  Will this make a differnce in weight loss?

  • Commit to the program, from beginning to end.  You have a goal that thousands have accomplished by following this program.  It's in your best interests to commit to it.

    I could post all day about how when I first started looking at this program, I said to myself, "well I've been exercising for years, I will follow it to an extent but do my own thing too."  I gave in and committed myself to this program 100% and I was right in doing so.  You will be too.

  • Here is a repost from BFLMike. Back in the day, there was the Guestbook and lucky people like me only had one place to read. Here there are many threads and information is being lost or repeated, or just not asked and answered. THAT MAKES ME SAD! But for you landhippo, this may help you rethink your excercise routine.

    no, it really is not o.k. to do daily cardio on body for life. Here’s why. The plan is a transformation plan, not just a weight loss plan. You are expected to change your body from a fat storing facility to a fat burning, strong and lean facility. In order to do that, you need to build some strong, lean muscle mass while at the same time burning fat. In order to do those two things at the same time it takes a precise way of dieting and exercising. The diet needs to strictly control blood sugar and insulin levels so that fat will not be deposited but will be burned, and so that muscle will not be cannibalized but will be built. To do that, you must exercise heavily but infrequently with resistance training, and intensely but for short durations, with cardio activity which will burn fat but not use up your hard earned muscle.

    Those are the goals and those are the reasons why the weight training is intense but only done three times a week. Those are the reasons why the cardio activity is intense but only done 3 times a week for 20 minutes each session. That’s not to say you can’t take a walk once in a while when you want. But you should not do any other sustained cardio activity because too much cardio inhibits your body’s ability to keep or make muscle mass. The muscle gives you a better ability by itself to burn calories. Think about it! What is fat? Basically lifeless tissue that hangs on the body and does nothing except provide a little extra insulation for you. What is muscle? It is living tissue that is filled with circulating blood, and which generates heat and burns oxygen when used, which of course is what burns more calories. So, the more muscle you have and the less fat you have, the better your body is at burning energy instead of storing fat! So, don’t become a cardio queen and promptly ruin all the other efforts you will making as you do body for life!

    and another:

    The Cardio Trap!

    by: Michael Harris 9/24/2007

    Men and women definitely work out differently, most likely because of the essential anatomic differences and hormonal differences! For example, most men really lift weights more intensely than most women do. In the area of cardio, women seem to be much more dedicated and also more sold on the idea of doing lots of cardio and doing it daily.

    What seems like a good idea, though, can really become a trap. What happens when you do lots of cardio is you create increasing physical efficiency in the body. When you exercise for a long time at a pulse rate elevated sufficiently to produce a cardio effect, this makes the heart, lungs and vascular system of the body more efficient. So, at rest your heart rate is slower; your respiration rate is slower, and your resting metabolic rate becomes much slower. The combination of all this is that you burn very little fat or calories at rest compared to most others. And, unless you continually raise the work rate at which you do cardio with your more efficient body, the actual amount of calories and fat burned during the workout will drop slightly as well.

    Another thing that lengthy and/or daily cardio does is to discourage your body from gaining muscle and even promote the burning of muscle under some circumstances. So, for a person wishing to produce more body muscle, and to burn fat without burning muscle, lengthy cardio is NOT the way to go. Hight intensity interval training will NOT get you fit in a way that will allow you to run 10 k races or compete in long events such as soccer games or basketball games, but it IS ideal for burning fat and preserving muscle at the same time.

    On the other hand, high intensity interval training done three times a week is ideal, especially if done early in the morning in a fasted stated, having had no food for at least 8 hours. The fasted state encourages the immediate burning of body fat since there is little sugar in the blood or in the muscle and liver stores. It is done intensely enough to create lots of body heat and thereby burn lots of fat, and not muscle. Further, it just doesn’t let you get into that efficiency trap in the same way that the long slower cardio does.

    For creating a lean and sculpted body, there is nothing like HIIT cardio.

  • Good post Legs.  Couldn't agree more.  I put a lot of the successes experienced on the HIIT.  It's such a great compact solution that does everything you could ever need/want from cardio workout.  Unless you are training for a marathon but that's a different story altogether and not really applicable here.

  • True Story - I didnt think I had to "train" for my first half marathon. (who does that?)

    OMG TOO FUNNY - I couldnt walk for 2 days. I thought my hips were going to seize up and I walked most of it! Hills, sand dunes, gravel, highway, golf course greens..... NEVER AGAIN and high 5's to those of you that do it!

  • Yeah, a marathon or 1/2 or 1/4 or whatever is a completely different thing altogether and that's where the part about losing muscle mass rings true.